Top 10 popular Open Source Projects in Python

1. Manim

Manim or Mathematical Animation Engine is an animation engine for explanatory math videos. It is basically used to create animations programmatically. Manim runs on Python 3.7.

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2. Python Robotics

Python Robotics is a Python code collection of robotics algorithms. This project is mainly used for autonomous navigation. The code is easy to read for understanding the basic idea of each algorithm. Python Robotics runs on Python 3.7 and the requirements include NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, and cvxpy.

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3. XSStrike

XSStrike is a cross-site scripting detection suite which is equipped with four handwritten parsers, an intelligent payload generator, a powerful fuzzing engine, and a fast crawler. XSStrike analyses the response with multiple parsers and then crafts payloads that are guaranteed to work by context analysis integrated with a fuzzing engine. It also has crawling, fuzzing, parameter discovery, WAF detection capabilities.

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4. Google Images Download

Using Google Images Download is a command-line Python program 'searching' and 'downloading' hundreds of Google images. With this Python Script, one can easily search keywords/key-phrases on Google Images and optionally download images. This program is compatible with both the versions of Python – 2.x and 3.x

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5. Photon

Photon is a fast crawler designed for OSINT or Open Source Intelligence Tools. While data crawling, Photon has the capability to extract URLs (in-scope & out-of-scope), URLs with parameters, intel like emails, social media accounts, amazon buckets, etc., files such as pdf, png, XML, etc.), secret keys (auth/API keys & hashes), strings matching custom regex pattern, and other such. Photon is fully compatible with Python versions 2.x – 3.x at present.

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6. NeuralTalk

The NeuralTalk is a Python and NumPy project for learning Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks that describe images with sentences. NeuralTalk2 is an efficient image captioning code which is written in Lua and requires Torch. It is faster than NeuralTalk as this project is batched and runs on the GPU. It also supports CNN finetuning and runs on Python 2.7 and modern version of NumPy, SciPy, Perl.

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7. Trape

Trape is an OSINT analysis and research tool, which allows people to track and execute intelligent social engineering attacks in real-time. It was created with the aim of teaching how large Internet companies could obtain confidential information such as the status of sessions of their websites or services and control their users through their browser, without their prior knowledge.

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8. Xonsh

Xonsh is a Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell language and command prompt. This language is a superset of Python 3.5+ with additional shell primitives that can be used in Bash and IPython. The features include in this language are easily scriptable, native cross-platform support, large standard library, typed variables, and other such.

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9. Rebound

Rebound is a command-line tool which instantly fetches Stack Overflow results when you get a compiler error. Rebound is written in Python and built on Urwid. In this project, Beautiful Soup is used to scrape Stack Overflow content and subprocess for catching compiler errors. It requires Python 3.0 and above.

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10. Snips NLU

Snips NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is a Python library which allows extracting structured information from sentences written in natural language. This library powers the NLU engine used in the Snips Console and can be used to create private-by-design voice assistants.

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