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Typical input pipeline in tensorflow looks like follows:

                         (creates queue of filenames)
           fixed length reader reads records from the files
    Read records are decoded and processed(eg if dealing with images then cropping,flipping etc)
        (creates a shuffling queue and returns batches of tensors) 


Q1) There is no argument of num_threads in the function tf.train.string_input_producer().Does it mean that only single thread is dedicated to reading the filenames from filename queue?

Q2) What is the scope of num_threads argument of the function tf.train.shuffle_batch() i.e. do the number of threads mentioned here are used to read,decode and process files as well or they are just used to create batches of tensors?

Q3) Is there a way to print which thread read the filenames or records from a particular file i.e. sort of a record of work done by each thread?


All of your data loading operations are performed within the tensorflow graph, what you'll want to do is launch one or more threads to iterate over the reader/enqueue operations. Tensorflow provides a QueueRunner class that does exactly that. The Coordinator class allows you to manage the threads pretty trivially.

This is the example code from the link above:

# Create a queue runner that will run 4 threads in parallel to enqueue
# examples.
qr = tf.train.QueueRunner(queue, [enqueue_op] * 4)

# Launch the graph.
sess = tf.Session()
# Create a coordinator, launch the queue runner threads.
coord = tf.train.Coordinator()
enqueue_threads = qr.create_threads(sess, coord=coord, start=True)
# Run the training loop, controlling termination with the coordinator.
for step in xrange(1000000):
    if coord.should_stop():
# When done, ask the threads to stop.
# And wait for them to actually do it.

If you were loading/preprocessing samples outside of the graph (in your own code, not using TF operations), then you wouldn't use QueueRunner, instead you would use your own class to enqueue data using a, feed_dict={...}) command in a loop.

Q1: Number of threads is handled with: qr.create_threads(sess, coord=coord, start=True)

Q2: TF sessions are thread safe, each call to sees a consistent snapshot of the current variables as of when it begin. Your QueueRunner enqueue ops can run any number of threads. They'll queue up in a thread-safe manner.

Q3: I haven't used tf.train.string_input_producer myself, but I think you'd have to request a tensor later in the graph that dequeued the data, just add that tensor to your list of requests in[train_op, dequeue_op])


I have a BasicNetwork that I will use in ensemble learning. I appreciate Encog's multithreaded training that it uses by default for neural networks, but how can I configure the network or the trainer to train on a single thread only?


In Encog 3.3, you can use the setThreadCount method like this

Propagation train = new Propagation(network,data);