How to make a table in matlab?

I want to make a simple table in Matlab, so I used this code:

T := table(a = 13, c = 42)

But it gives an error:

xrd Undefined function 'T' for input arguments of type 'char'. Error in xrd (line 1) T := table(a = 13, c = 42)

How can I fix this?

:= is no operator in Matlab, this screws up interpreting your line of code. Matlab tries to access a function named T with the rest of the line as string argument.


a = 13
b = 42    
t = table(a, b)


t = 

    a     b 
    __    __

    13    42

For rownames you can use:

>>t = table(a, b, 'RowNames', {'c'})

t = 

         a     b 
         __    __

    c    13    42

note that RowNames argument is a cell with a string for each row

can anyone tell me how to create table in matlab?, This example shows how to create a table from workspace variables, work with table data, and write tables to files for later use. Add and Delete Table Rows� Create a table from workspace variables and view it. Alternatively, use the Import Tool or the readtable function to create a table from a spreadsheet or a text file. When you import data from a file using these functions, each column becomes a table variable. Load sample data for 100 patients from the patients MAT-file to workspace variables.

In matlab, table has a specific meaning (see documentation) which is probably different from what you are used to in other langages.

For what you are trying to do, maybe you should consider to define a structure instead:

T = struct('a', 13, 'c', 42)

Check the struct documentation for more detail:

doc struct

Table array with named variables that can contain different types , I've read the Matlab tutorial for creating one, but it doesn't work for me. Do you need to make it as a script? Could you type a simple code for it to get me started? Tables consist of rows and column-oriented variables. Each variable in a table can have a different data type and a different size with the one restriction that each variable must have the same number of rows. For more information, see Create and Work with Tables or watch Tables and Categorical Arrays.

As the MATLAB way to initialize a table with predefined column names seems particularly obscure to me, I am documenting it here.

Be aware that I use the cell2table function once to initialize the table. From then on, jobTable.FOO = ...; will enable you to create further columns FOO.

jobTable = cell2table([{'running'}, {'queued'}, {'finished'}]', 'VariableNames', {'state'});
jobTable.rank = [0, 1, -1]';
jobTable.workflowId = [0, 29039, 28000]';

You can transform the table into a struct, which is e.g. more useful for communication with java, by using: table2struct(jobTable).

Tables - MATLAB & Simulink, Use an mlreportgen.dom.MATLABTable object to create a table from a MATLAB table. Matlab tries to access a function named T with the rest of the line as string argument. Try. a = 13 b = 42 t = table(a, b) Output: t = a b __ __ 13 42. For rownames you can use: >>t = table(a, b, 'RowNames', {'c'}) t = a b __ __ c 13 42. note that RowNames argument is a cell with a string for each row. share.

How to create a table? - MATLAB Answers, Manage mixed-type tabular data with the table data container, and data from a Explore how Duration: 6:02 Steps 1. Open MATLAB. Start the MATLAB software, and check that the software is functioning correctly. If the software is 2. If there are any variables in the Workspace, type clear and press ↵ Enter. This will clear any past data from the 3. Create a new function file. To create a new function

Create Tables from MATLAB Tables, Use a mlreportgen.dom.Table object to create a table that only a body. In release R2016b (the release with which this answer was marked) table variable names must be valid MATLAB identifiers, which means neither spaces nor carets (^) are allowed. This restriction was removed in release R2019b so if you want to use those variable names you will need to upgrade to release R2019b or later.

Introducing Tables and Categorical Arrays - Video, The Model Advisor displays the table object containing the number of rows ( row ) and columns ( column ) that you specify. Examples. Create a subtable. The� please help me to create table using matlab 1 Comment. Show Hide all comments. Stephen Cobeldick on 1 Feb 2017

  • What do you mean by table? An array? a uitable?
  • an array is enough but if you may, please provide a syntax for uitable
  • Please read about basic programming concepts in documentation. try doc uitable
  • You should also define what output you expect. Draw the table or something to demonstrate that.
  • how but to put a header above those numbers? like a=13, and b=42?
  • Although this command does not generate errors, the output is t = 1. Are you sure that is the correct output (the OP should define the output)? Looking at the documentation for table, I would expect one row and two columns.
  • what do you mean by header? the colums are named after the variables which they represent (a and b in this case), for naming the rows you can use the RowNames argument/value pair