How to change text color of TextFormField according to theme

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I want to change inputted text color as per the current theme, as text color is not a part of InputDecorationTheme.

As of now the only possible way to change inputted text color is to give style to TextFormField but that also not work when theme gets changed + in that way I need to repeat the similar code for each of my text field available in the app.

you can do by using property subhead inside the TextTheme

 theme: ThemeData( 
    brightness: Brightness.dark,
    textTheme: TextTheme(
      subhead: TextStyle(color:,

Or by using this :

 theme: ThemeData(
      brightness: Brightness.dark,
      textTheme: Theme.of(context)
          .apply(bodyColor:`enter code here`


A blog on Text Styling in Flutter community/beginners-guide-to-text-styling-in-flutter-3939085d6607

NOTE: The Material Design typography scheme was significantly changed in the current (2018) version of the specification more info

The 2018 spec has thirteen text styles:

 headline1    96.0  light   -1.5
 headline2    60.0  light   -0.5
 headline3    48.0  regular  0.0
 headline4    34.0  regular  0.25
 headline5    24.0  regular  0.0
 headline6    20.0  medium   0.15
 subtitle1    16.0  regular  0.15
 subtitle2    14.0  medium   0.1
 body1        16.0  regular  0.5   (bodyText1)
 body2        14.0  regular  0.25  (bodyText2)
 button       14.0  medium   1.25
 caption      12.0  regular  0.4
 overline     10.0  regular  1.5

where "light" is FontWeight.w300, "regular" is FontWeight.w400 and "medium" is FontWeight.w500.

The [TextTheme] API was originally based on the original material (2014) design spec, which used different text style names. For backwards compatibility's sake, this API continues to expose the old names. The table below should help with understanding the mapping of the API's old names and the new names (those in terms of the 2018 material specification).

Each of the [TextTheme] text styles corresponds to one of the styles from 2018 spec. By default, the font sizes, font weights and letter spacings have not changed from their original, 2014, values.

 display4   112.0  thin     0.0      headline1
 display3   56.0   normal   0.0      headline2
 display2   45.0   normal   0.0      headline3
 display1   34.0   normal   0.0      headline4
 headline   24.0   normal   0.0      headline5
 title      20.0   medium   0.0      headline6
 subhead    16.0   normal   0.0      subtitle1
 body2      14.0   medium   0.0      body1 (bodyText1)
 body1      14.0   normal   0.0      body2 (bodyText2)
 caption    12.0   normal   0.0      caption
 button     14.0   medium   0.0      button
 subtitle   14.0   medium   0.0      subtitle2
 overline   10.0   normal   0.0      overline

How to change TextFormField input text color in Flutter, This will do it: TextFormField( style: TextStyle( color: Colors.white, ), ). In this Google flutter code example we are going to learn how to change text field input text color in flutter. The code is based on flutter version 1.0.0 Main.dart (App entry point)

You seem to be looking in the InputDecorationTheme instead of the TextTheme.

The color property you are looking for should be textTheme.body1.color as in:


If not this one, it should be another of the textTheme properties.

How to change text color of TextFormField according to theme, How to change text color of TextFormField according to theme. 发布于 2020-05- 03 07:39:01. I want to change inputted text color as per the current theme, as text � By default, TextFormField.decoration will apply the ThemeData.inputDecorationTheme for the current context to the InputDecoration, see InputDecoration.applyDefaults. For a documentation about the various parameters, see TextField .

You can do by setting ThemeData as below .

  theme: ThemeData(
    textTheme: TextTheme(
      subtitle1: TextStyle(fontSize: 50, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),

Use themes to share colors and font styles, You can either define app-wide themes, or use Theme widgets that define the colors and font styles for a particular part of the application. In fact, app-wide themes� In the example below I’ve opted to just change my text fields so that my submit button is not also affected..wpcf7-text { width: 50%; } After all of the above changes, I was able to style the form you see below. I personally didn’t want to change my button color, but I think that is most likely another common desire.

How to Change TextField Input Text color in Flutter, // This is the theme of your application. //. // Try running your application with " flutter run� 1. Supply an onChanged() callback to a TextField or a TextFormField. The simplest approach is to supply an onChanged() callback to a TextField or a TextFormField. Whenever the text changes, the callback is invoked. In this example, print the current value of the text field to the console every time the text changes.

How can I change the Cursor Color of the Textfield independent of , The primary color is sometimes very hard to see above a white background and I would like to change it for certain themes. I could not find a� Decoration based on the app’s ThemeData. Changing the decoration color via the border property of Textfield has no effect. We can use a combination of these properties to change the border color of TextField depending upon scenarios like on focus, on error, on disabled etc.

Now, you can select your text and change the font color using the font color dropdown. Method 2. Changing the Text Color in the Theme Customizer. What if you want to change the text color across your whole website? Many of the best WordPress themes will allow you to do this using the theme customizer. For this example, we’re using the OceanWP

  • In this way I need to add this for all textInputFields individually, i want to do this centrally from one point, so that if in future if there is any change i can do it from one location no need to go for all field and do the change.