I want to get a single database SQL string

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I got a little problem with this:

readonly LoginMandant logon = new LoginMandant();
string query = "SELECT Name FROM tMandant WHERE Id_Mandant = " + userDetails.Id_Mandant + ";";

Session["MandantName"] = logon.Database.SqlQuery<string>(query).SingleOrDefaultAsync();

and it returns:


But why? I wanted a single string like "test" in there.

Because you are using SingleOrDefaultAsync it will return a task object.

you should use SingleOrDefault() instead of async if you want to get the string from database synchronously.

below should work in your case:

Session["MandantName"] = logon.Database.SqlQuery<string>(query).SingleOrDefault();

Obtaining a Single Value from a Database, You may need to return database information that is simply a single value rather string connString) { Int32 newProdID = 0; string sql = "INSERT INTO Production .ProductCategory (Name) VALUES (@Name); " + "SELECT� To quickly get started with a single database, start with the Single database quickstart guide. To learn about migrating a SQL Server database to Azure, see Migrate to Azure SQL Database. For information about supported features, see Features.

you need to await operations that are task-like, i.e.

Session["MandantName"] = await logon.Database.SqlQuery<string>(query).SingleOrDefaultAsync();

however, this requires your code to be async; if it isn't, either make it async (but not async void), or look for a synchronous version of the API.

You should probably look into parameters, too; the code as shown is actively dangerous.

SQL Wildcard Characters, A wildcard character is used to substitute one or more characters in a string. WHERE CustomerName LIKE '_r%', Finds any values that have "r" in the second shows the complete "Customers" table from the Northwind sample database:� A single database has a defined set of compute, memory, IO, and storage resources using one of two purchasing models. When you create a single database, you also define a server to manage it and place it within Azure resource group in a specified region. The template used in this quickstart is from Azure Quickstart Templates.

Async will require you to await.

Session["MandantName"] = await logon.Database.SqlQuery<string>(query).SingleOrDefaultAsync();

However, the calling method also has to be an async (and its caller call await, and so on). I highly recommend this, however, if you are really short on time, you could do the SingleOrDefaultAsync().Result or simply call the SingleOrDefault(), however, it will block the execution until the database query completes.

IMPORTANT: Avoid string concatenation for the query string. You are risking SQL injection.

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Of course, I need a final single quote to delimit the entire text string. If you have this all munched together, sometimes it’s hard to read. So it’s just that at the end of the statement I can get away with adding space, and this kind of alerts you to the fact that this is for the SQL criteria, and then this is for the entire string.