Difference between two time using dayjs

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I have two inputs of time and I want to get the difference/time-interval between these two using dayjs

fromtime = '13:00'
totime = '17:00'

So the output for the above two should be 4:00 hours

I tried

          dayjs(fromtime).diff(dayjs(totime), "hours")

But am not getting the expected output.

Dayjs expects a Date in a certain format (dayjs parse string) not just a time. However you can set the hour (dayjs set hour) without setting a certain date (dayjs parse now):

var fromtime = dayjs().hour(13)
var totime = dayjs().hour(17)

console.log(totime.diff(fromtime, "hours"));
<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/dayjs/1.8.20/dayjs.min.js"></script>

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I found the solution to this.

const fromtime = '11:20'
const totime = '12:30'

const ft = dayjs(`2000-01-01 ${fromtime}`);
const tt = dayjs(`2000-01-01 ${totime}`);
const mins = tt.diff(ft, "minutes", true);
const totalHours = parseInt(mins / 60);
const totalMins = dayjs().minute(mins).$m

This will give the output as totalHours = 1 and totalMins = 10. Hope this help someone.

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fromtime = '13:00'
totime = '17:00'

These are currently strings and you need to convert it into integers.

console.log(parseInt(fromtime) - parseInt(totime)) //4

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  • What is the error you are getting? Maybe you should not pass them as strings.
  • Nan is what I'm getting in the output
  • What if the input contains fromtime = '10.25' and totime = '11.30'. So my output should be '1.05'. But when I follow your method the output is 1. Is there a way to solve this
  • This will fail if the day switches between the two first lines