How to display A B C D E if a input 5 numbers 1 2 3 4 5

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import random
a = input('')
b = input('')
c = input('')
d = input('')
e = input('')
var1 = random.randrange(1,26)
var2 = random.randrange(1,26)
var3 = random.randrange(1,26)
var4 = random.randrange(1,26)
var5 = random.randrange(1,26)

What I want to do is when I input numbers from 1 to 26 it should display a corresponding result. As you can see, the user must input 5 numbers. For example, if we input 1 2 3 4 5 the result must be A B C D E. Also, we have random numbers. For example, if our random numbers are 4 5 3 1 2 the result must be D E C A B. I don't know what to do to display the result.


This is wrong. Random's second parameter is non-inclusive, meaning you'll get numbers from 1 to 25.

You should use:

random.randrange(1, len(ltr))

Then your result letter is just accessing the correct index in your ltr string - simply doing ltr(var1)

As for user input, you need to invert it to integer values like this:

a = int(input(''))

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strip() your ltr and find element at (entered_position-1) , repeat for five times ,and join the list separated by a space

print(' '.join([ltr.strip()[int(input('number 1-26: '))-1] for _ in range(5)]))
print(' '.join([ltr.strip()[random.randrange(1,27)-1] for _ in range(5)]))

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What you want to do is to print the letter in the alphabet which is at the position the user entered. In other words, the user enters the index of that letter inside the alphabet. Since you can access a character inside a string using its index in python using letter = string[index] you can do this:


a = input('')
b = input('')
c = input('')
d = input('')
e = input('')
print(ltr[a], ltr[b], ltr[c], ltr[d], ltr[e])

Note that due to the space at the start of ltr, A will be output when entering 1.

Edit: Update according to question in comments. You can sort the inputs if you put them in a list and sort() them. Then you can get the characters at the positions from the input list:


inputs = []
for _ in range(5):
    inputs.append(int(input("Enter a number:")))

print(', '.join(map(str, inputs)))
print(', '.join(ltr[i] for i in inputs))

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  • change use of random.randrange to var1 = ltr[a], and repeat for each variable
  • i can't sir it is part of the code the given must 10 numbers in total 5 user input and 5 random numbers
  • convert string to int ?
  • In this case it is done implicitly and not necessary but you are right it would be good to have this explicit.
  • i intetionally put a space to start the count to 1
  • my program is when i enter numbers from 1 to 26 it will display the corresponding letters
  • Yes, thats exactly what it does?