How i can fix legend ? (MPAndroidChart)

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I used legend.setPosition(Legend.LegendPosition.RIGHT_OF_CHART_CENTER); it works, but I want that the legend was at the top

if i use legend.setPosition(Legend.LegendPosition.RIGHT_OF_CHART); the legend and the graph overlap

maybe there is a way to change the position of the chart?

I was able to get the desired result using


Legend, uccmawei commented on Sep 22, 2016. @PhilJay can u help me to fix it? Using the newest version of the MPAndroidChart. Android Studio 3.6, sdk 29. Legend legend = lineChart.getLegend(); legend.setPosition() // this is red, no such method. obviously would have a LegendPosition in it Every other method for Legend works, just not setPosition. What am I doing wrong?

This method deprecated better to use this.


for reference you can check here The legend can't display when call setPosition(LegendPosition.BELOW_CHART_CENTER)

The legend can't display when call setPosition(LegendPosition , i used legend.setPosition(Legend.LegendPosition. RIGHT_OF_CHART_CENTER); it works, but I want that the legend was at the top if i use� Hi, I have found i think a bug but it is useful. My graph havne't legend because i use a legend with button to hide/show values in line series. But when a want save the chart i show the legend like this : chart.setDrawLegend(true); chart

Use below line:


How i can fix legend ? � Issue #3847 � PhilJay/MPAndroidChart , I wanted to display values in legend> 5 (Inside Pie Chart). Hiii i want to set Text like below image in android. PhilJay:MPAndroidChart:v2.2.4' and I am still facing the issue mentioned above of legends not being shown if too many. Add as much offset as you legend grows. there are two methods add the specified padding at the top and bottom of the chart mPiecPieChart.setExtraBottomOffset(12f);//from bottom side if legends are bottom side mPiecPieChart.setExtraTopOffset(12f);//if legends are on top side or change both if legend are on both sides by this line of code you can set margin

PieChart legend entries not displayed if too many � Issue #93 , MPAndroidChart remove legend - android. I am using MPAndroidChart library and I want to remove the values in in the top right How i can fix legend ? Displaying a BarChart using mpandroidchart with kotlin. Question: Am trying to use Kotlin to display a simple bar chart using mpandroidchart library. Most of the examples I've been finding online are using java, so copy the code, paste in android studio to convert to Kotlin, then try to fix the errors were necessary.

MPAndroidChart remove legend, I want to clear the previously drawn chart, and update with new values but calling chart.clear() does nothing.

The location can also be a 2-tuple giving the coordinates of the lower-left corner of the legend in axes coordinates (in which case bbox_to_anchor will be ignored). For back-compatibility, 'center right' (but no other location) can also be spelled 'right' , and each "string" locations can also be given as a numeric value:

  • but then the names are placed in a row and not vertically