Laravel 6 send mail

I have an issue with authentication while sending mail with Laravel smtp driver.

.env file:


It gives the following error:

"530-5.7.0 Authentication Required. "

  • 2-Factor auth is enabled and app password is used;

  • Also tried with SSL on 465, same error;

  • Config is flushed every time .env is changed;

  • Everything in config/mail corresponds to .env;

SO all typical solutions are not working. What else may cause this problem?

I have also tried using with vivaldi account, it authenticates, but gives an error:

"no valid recipients"

while recipient email is surely valid, which is also strange for me.

I've stumbled across this multiple times already, hence I do not remember the exact error-message which I received but here is my assumption.

Google has an option called "less secure apps" which you need to enable in order to send directly mails through their SMTP interface. Can you check if this flag is disabled and try to enable it?

In addition to that google is slowly deprecating this feature. Starting from Mid 2020 you'll be not able to enable this flag anymore and they will completely remove this in 2021.


How to Send Mail in Laravel 6? - It's Over 9000!, Laravel has incredible features for sending emails. Let's create a new mailable with markdown Duration: 9:45 Posted: Nov 24, 2019 Laravel send an email example. This tutorial explains you how you can configure SMTP detail and send emails/Gmail in laravel 7.x, 6.x projects with example.

Firstly, you need to setup 2 step verification here google security. An App Password link will appear and you can get your App Password to insert into below "MAIL_PASSWORD". More info on getting App Password here


Don't forget to clear cache with :

php artisan config:cache

Laravel 6 Beginner - e14 - Sending Emails, Sending an e-mail is so easy with Laravel Framework. You can send email from STMP, Gmail, Webmail, Mailgun, Amazon SES, SendGrid,� Laravel uses free feature-rich library SwiftMailer to send emails. Using the library function, we can easily send emails without too many hassles. The e-mail templates are loaded in the same way as views, which means you can use the Blade syntax and inject data into your templates. The following table shows the syntax and attributes of send function −.

Problem was that I messed up with config/mail.php.

I wrote

'username' => env('email'), 'password' => env('app_password'),

Instead of

'username' => env('MAIL_USERNAME','email'), 'password' => env('MAIL_PASSWORD','app_password'),

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How To Laravel 6 Send Email Tutorial And Example, I've stumbled across this multiple times already, hence I do not remember the exact error-message which I received but here is my assumption. Laravel has incredible features for sending emails. Let's create a new mailable with markdown and send it using Mailtrap, an email testing service. Then add

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  • you checked the data in your services.php file?
  • @LucasPiazzi i'm using default smtp driver, so there's blank templates for other drivers only in this file
  • @hardnight mh.. strange. Everything else seems good to me. Did you checked that you didn't used the wrong port + encryption combination? This is the only thing which seems incorrect in your .env example... SSL = 465, TLS = 587. I also mix them up all the time ;-)
  • @hardnight another thing which I realise right now. There is different ways of enabling "less secure apps". You can enable it for the whole G Suite or on a per-account basis. Can you verify both cases?
  • @hardnight are you still experiencing this problem?
  • It's stated in question that it's already done and still not working
  • no valid recipients means your $mail->to email is incorrect