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What would be the best way to compare two dates?

var int = e.parameter.intlistbox;
var startDate = rSheet.getRange(parseInt(int) + 1 ,1).getValues();
// returns Sat Jun 30 2012 00:00:00 GMT-0300 (BRT) 
var toDay = new Date();
// Sat Jun 23 2012 22:24:56 GMT-0300 (BRT)

if (startDate > toDay){ ....

I saw the .toString() option but that seems to work only for == or === operator.

Anything clear about this matter?

The Date object has the valueOf method which returns the number of milliseconds since midnight 1970-01-01. You can use it to compare dates. Something like

var date01 = new Date();
var date02 = new Date(2012, 5, 24);
if (date01.valueOf() > date02.valueOf()) {

Google Apps Script: comparing dates, my Google Apps Script. For this, my sheet has a date in cell.getValue() so on the e.range.setNote(cell.getValue() + " --- " + startDate);. line, the note shows two � // Create two date objects with different times and timezone offsets. var date1 = new Date('February 17, 2018 13:00:00 -0500'); var date2 = new Date('February 17, 2018 10:00:00 -0800'); //

Somebody posted this a while back, I find it's very helpful

function testDate() {
    var futureDate = new Date('8/31/2020');
    var todayDate = new Date();
    Logger.log(DateDiff.inMonths(todayDate, futureDate));
    Logger.log(DateDiff.inYears(todayDate, futureDate));             

var DateDiff = {    
    inDays: function(d1, d2) {
        var t2 = d2.getTime();
        var t1 = d1.getTime();

        return parseInt((t2-t1)/(24*3600*1000));
    inWeeks: function(d1, d2) {
        var t2 = d2.getTime();
        var t1 = d1.getTime();

        return parseInt((t2-t1)/(24*3600*1000*7));
    inMonths: function(d1, d2) {
        var d1Y = d1.getFullYear();
        var d2Y = d2.getFullYear();
        var d1M = d1.getMonth();
        var d2M = d2.getMonth();

        return (d2M+12*d2Y)-(d1M+12*d1Y);
    inYears: function(d1, d2) {
        return d2.getFullYear()-d1.getFullYear();

Calculating difference between two dates in Google Apps Script , Now I want to compare this with today's date and calculate the difference in number of days, how can i do that in google apps script. thank you for� Working with Dates in Google Apps Script. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. Compare two dates with JavaScript. 1129. Add days to JavaScript Date. 1537.

// Date, Date -> Number
// Get the number of days between two dates

test("Date Diff In Days", 5, function(){
  ok(DateDiffInDays(new Date("January 1, 2000"), new Date("January 1, 2000")) == 0, "Ok");
  ok(DateDiffInDays(new Date("January 1, 2000"), new Date("January 2, 2000")) == 1, "Ok");
  ok(DateDiffInDays(new Date("January 1, 2000"), new Date("January 11, 2000")) == 10, "Ok");
  ok(DateDiffInDays(new Date("January 11, 2000"), new Date("January 1, 2000")) == -10, "Ok");
  ok(DateDiffInDays(new Date("January 1, 2000"), new Date("April 10, 2000")) == 100, "Ok");

function DateDiffInDays(a, b) 
  var _MS_PER_DAY = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
  // Discard the time and time-zone information.
  var utc1 = Date.UTC(a.getFullYear(), a.getMonth(), a.getDate());
  var utc2 = Date.UTC(b.getFullYear(), b.getMonth(), b.getDate());
  return Math.floor((utc2 - utc1) / _MS_PER_DAY);

Compare two dates Google apps script - date - iOS, What would be the best way to compare two dates? var int = e.parameter. intlistbox; var startDate = rSheet.getRange(parseInt(int) + 1 ,1).getValues(); // returns� les objets Date peuvent être comparés comme n'importe quelle autre variable. La seule chose délicate est si vous avez besoin de comparer deux dates sur le même jour par exemple et s'attendre à obtenir date A = date B , dans ce cas, vous avez un problème puisque les dates comprennent également des heures et des minutes (et deuxième + millisecondes) !

Wow, I'm late here. I found it easiest to convert the dates into the integer Day of the year. So Jan 1st would be 1, Feb 1st would be 32, etc.

Here is that script:

today = parseInt(Utilities.formatDate(new Date(),"EST","D"));

If you're grabbing a value from your spreadsheet, just place the value into the new Date():

today = parseInt(Utilities.formatDate(new Date(rSheet.getRange(parseInt(int) + 1 ,1).getValues()),"EST","D"));

The DATEDIF is not part of Google Sheets Query. The dateDiff() function in Query (see the double “F”) finds the date difference between two dates. But the DATEDIF is far more advanced. You can use the DATEDIF function to calculate the number of days, months, or years between two dates.

Date objects can be compared just as any other variables. The only tricky thing is if you need to compare two dates on the same day for example and expect to get date A = date B , in this case you have a problem since dates also include hours and minutes (and second + milliseconds) ! (that's why I suggested to use strings to check equality in the post you refer to). What you could do is to set hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds to 0 in both variables so the comparison occurs on day, month, year only. See w3schools date reference page to see how to do that.

Another possibility would be to convert both dates to strings using Utilities.formatDate() and play with substrings() to get the data you need but I guess this is not a very elegant way to proceed ;-)

To check whether the timezones agree, you can either compare both manually, or do something like this: var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet (); sheet.getRange ('A1').setFormula ('=date (2015,1,1)'); Logger.log (sheet.getRange ('A1').getValue ().getHours ()); This inputs the formula =date (2015,1,1) in the cell A1.

Google Apps Script is JavaScript, the date object is initiated with new Date() and all JavaScript methods apply, Compare dates in Google Sheets using Apps Script. 4.

Compare two dates in JavaScript with various methods At first, we gonna start with the easiest method. Comparing two dates in JavaScript can be said like this: Compare two dates in terms of which is greater and which is smaller.

Deletes this date. getDay() Integer: Gets the day of the month for this date. getLabel() Object: Ask a question under the google-apps-script tag. Videos

  • it depends WHAT you want to compare. What about the date do you want to compare?
  • How do you know this? What type (from what library) is Date? Can you link to its documentation?
  • @dinosaur, I know it by executing the code similar to var d0 = new Date(0); var d1 = new Date(1); var str0 = d0.toISOString(); var str1 = d1.toISOString();. As soon as it is executed the str0 has 1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z value and str1 has 1970-01-01T00:00:00.001Z one. This code is executed in the GAS environment. I assume that GAS has no documentation for Date and other base classes inherited from JS. In similar way one can't find any reference to the String class in the GAS documentation.
  • That doesn't work for equal comparision since date01 has time and date02 time is 00:00:00