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I have a problem with MyBatis mapping. I have a domain class like this:

public class MyClass
   private Long id;
   private Date create;
   private String content;

   MyClass (Long id, Date create, String content)
   { = id;
       this.create = create;
       this.content = content;

   //getters and setters

A mapper class with a method like this:

   @Select("SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE id=#{id}")
   MyClass getMyClass (@Param("id") Long id);

In the database the three columns are of type Number, Timestamp and Clob and have the same name as in the class fields.

When I use this method I get a: ExecutorException: No constructor found in [MyClass; matching [java.math.BigDecimal, java.sql.Timestamp, oracle.jdbc.OracleClob]

But if I remove the constructor from Myclass, then there is no problem at all. I would like to have the constructor, how can I fix it? I tried adding the @Results annotation in the mapper like so, but it didn't make any difference:

   @Results(value = {
      @Result(column = "id", property = "id", javaType = Long.class),
      @Result(column = "create", property = "create", javaType = Date.class),
      @Result(column = "content", property = "content", javaType = String.class)

MyBatis expects your model objects to have a no-arguments constructor (and possibly setters for each mapped field). Add those and everything should work.

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You can use the @ConstructorArgs instead as follows:

    @Arg(column = "id", javaType = Long.class)
    ,@Arg(column = "create", javaType = Date.class)
    ,@Arg(column = "content", javaType = String.class)

Mybatis uses the collection time to report No constructor found in , Report an error. org.mybatis.spring.MyBatisSystemException: nested exception is org.apache.ibatis.executor.ExecutorException: No constructor found in java� MyBatis version 3.4.5 Database vendor and version H2 Test case or example project See attached Steps to reproduce Run BadChannelDaoTest Note the failure message contains "org.apache.ibatis.executor.ExecutorException: No constructor found

Just completing the answer of @Kazuki Shimizu.

If you want to use the primitive type long instead of the wrapper Long in the constructor you need to change the binding to:

   @Arg(column = "id", javaType = long.class)
   ,@Arg(column = "create", javaType = Date.class)
   ,@Arg(column = "content", javaType = String.class)

Mybatis error No constructor found in xx class, org.mybatis.spring.MyBatisSystemException: nested exception is org.apache. ibatis.executor.ExecutorException: No constructor found in� If no constructor is found, it will just fail, the same way it happens today. If the class has a default-or-empty constructor, it also does the same thing that does today. I believe this change won't cause impact on previous use cases, since it is base on a case that would cause a error anyways.

mybatis-user, nested exception is org.apache.ibatis.executor.ExecutorException: No constructor found in void matching [java.math.BigDecimal, java.lang. my code is working fine with mybatis-spring-boot-starter:2.0.0 run application failed after upgrade to 2.1.0 I have tried some test: working: mybatis-spring-boot-starter 2.0.0 with mybatis.type-handlers-package set in application.propert

Constructor injection allows you to set values on a class upon instantiation, without exposing public methods. MyBatis also supports private properties and private JavaBeans properties to achieve this, but some people prefer Constructor injection. The constructor element enables this.

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