Merge JSON objects through unique field then print child node data

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I have the following JSON:

data: {
    questions: "[{"id":"vzDDWL3GQvJi","title":"This is question 1","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q1","properties":[]},{"id":"okT0ieWJm74d","title":"This  is question 2","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q2","properties":[]},

    answers: "[{"type":"number","number":2,"field":{"id":"vzDDWL3GQvJi","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q1"}},{"type":"number","number":4,"field":{"id":"okT0ieWJm74d","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q2"}},

    createdDate: "2020-02-14T07:43:02.000000Z"

A tidy version of the above is:

Question (questions object)

  • title : "This is question 1"
  • ref" : "data_q1"

Answer (answers object)

  • ref" : "data_q1"
  • number : 2

So, for question 1 (with the ref: data_q1) the number (score) is 2.

What I'm trying to do, is to merge both questions answers together based on ref. I want to do this so that I can get the number. I.e. question and answer for data_q1 is 2.

I have the following:

// Get questions
var questionData =;
var questions = JSON.parse(questionData);

// get answers
var answerData =;
var answers = JSON.parse(answerData);

What I've tried:

var answersInfo = function(order) {
if( answers.ref === "RefIDHere"){
     var info = { "number": answers.number}
     return info;

However, the issue with the above is, in answers.ref ===, I don't know what to pass because the questions and answers haven't been mapped together yet.

Please try below solution.

finalResult = []; que => =>  {
    if(que.ref === ans.field.ref){
      finalResult.push({question: que, answer: ans})
return finalResult; 

Now if you see finalResult has the question and respective answer and you can access the number. Hope it helps.

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1) Build an answer_number object which has ref as key and value as number from data.answers. 2) Use map over data.questions and add the number value from above. Hope this helps.

const data = {
  questions: [
      id: "vzDDWL3GQvJi",
      title: "This is question 1",
      type: "opinion_scale",
      ref: "data_q1",
      properties: []
      id: "okT0ieWJm74d",
      title: "This  is question 2",
      type: "opinion_scale",
      ref: "data_q2",
      properties: []
  answers: [
      type: "number",
      number: 2,
      field: { id: "vzDDWL3GQvJi", type: "opinion_scale", ref: "data_q1" }
      type: "number",
      number: 4,
      field: { id: "okT0ieWJm74d", type: "opinion_scale", ref: "data_q2" }
  createdDate: "2020-02-14T07:43:02.000000Z"

const answers_number = data.answers.reduce(
  (acc, curr) => Object.assign(acc, { [curr.field.ref]: curr.number }),

const questions_count = => ({
  number: answers_number[que.ref]


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Use filter:

let data = {
    questions: '[{"id":"vzDDWL3GQvJi","title":"This is question 1","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q1","properties":[]},{"id":"okT0ieWJm74d","title":"This  is question 2","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q2","properties":[]}]',
    answers: '[{"type":"number","number":2,"field":{"id":"vzDDWL3GQvJi","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q1"}},{"type":"number","number":4,"field":{"id":"okT0ieWJm74d","type":"opinion_scale","ref":"data_q2"}}]',
    createdDate: "2020-02-14T07:43:02.000000Z"

let getQuestionAndAnswer = (data, ref) => {
  let question = JSON.parse(data.questions).filter(v => v.ref === ref);
  let answer = JSON.parse(data.answers).filter(v => v.field.ref === ref);
  return {

console.log(getQuestionAndAnswer(data, "data_q1"));

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  • What have you tried so far?
  • @goto1 - I have updated my question :)
  • Thanks! the array is looking fine. How do I get the number value as a variable? I've tried: var answerScore = finalResult.answer; var aScore = JSON.parse(finalResult.answer); var aFinalScore = aScore[1];. No luck (throws error)
  • Freddy , you can do something like finalResult[0].answer.number . This is for only first array element . You can loop through the finalResults array and get all the number values.