Image throws 404 Error when using app on server

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Hi I checked several answers around the web but none of these worked yet, I located the image where it supposed to be by the most answers. The problem is that I have a loader component which contains a loader that pops up when doing something in my application and it needs some time to load. In local it works perfectly but when I use it on server it throws GET 404 error for the image that needs to be shown inside the loader circle. I'm using Angular 7.

Currently I have the image here: src/assets/image/logo.jpg

And this is how it looks in the component: <img src="../../assets/image/logo.jpg">

my workspace is like this: src --> app --> loader --> loadingComponent

What can cause the problem that it works good in local but doesn't work when I run the app on Tomcat server

Change your image src to absolute path.

<img src="/assets/image/logo.jpg">

You should consider situation, when you use your component somewhere deeper in your app. This would brake your relative path, so absolute path is better solution.

/assets directory is served from root path by default, so you have nothing to worry about.

Image throws 404 Error when using app on server, In local it works perfectly but when I use it on server it throws GET 404 error for the image that needs to be shown inside the loader circle. Have you ever heard of "HTTP 404 errors"? Do you remember the day you were shopping online and when you clicked on a product, you were redirected to a page that displayed something like "404 page not found"?

Your image src should be relative to the root of the app.

I assume your assets folder is in the root, as per the standard Angular build.

If so, your image element should look like this:

<img src="/assets/image/logo.jpg">

This has the effect of forming the full url

If that still fails, try to load the image in your browser using the full url, and reverse engineer it to your image src.

How to handle loading of images that may not exist?, Another way to handle this issue is by listening to the error event that gets Your image server knows if an image does not exist and sends a 404 Not your application, then the image request should be returned with a 404� Handle errors in ASP.NET Core Blazor apps. 04/23/2020; 11 minutes to read; In this article. By Steve Sanderson. This article describes how Blazor manages unhandled exceptions and how to develop apps that detect and handle errors.

So what worked for me is using the source like this: <img src="assets/image/logo.jpg"> I removed the / sign before assets. Now its working fine on server as well.

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404 when fetching image from wp-content/uploads/, Note, this will create a new .htacess file in your server. Fixes the images returning the 404 error. Cheers! When you publish an Application Proxy app, only pages under your root are accessible when accessing the application. If the page isn’t displaying correctly, the root internal URL used for the application may be missing some page resources. To resolve, make sure you have published all the resources for the page as part of your application.

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Now, if you consider the application to be just an extension of the server, and the subitem (tree) to be the actual resource, then a 404 response is appropriate: the server has merely delegated the task of finding the actual resource to the application, which it turn has failed to do so.

  • well it still fails, I will try to reverse it from the url
  • Also, have you checked that the image was in the build, and exists on the server?
  • I checked it now and it's there
  • Are you able to post the image url and page it's meant to be on? No problem if you'd rather not.
  • I tracked it back and looks like it throws error because it misses a /hm before the assets/image/logo.jpg