How do i return data where that contain empty string instead of NULL in laravel

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I want to get my data from database where one of my attribute was empty string instead of null....but my code return all data where NULL and empty string is my code

public function findAllPersons2(){
        return $this->where('pi_person_type','3')
                     ->where('pi_vendor_id','!=' , '')
                    ->orderBy('pi_name', 'asc')

Your code are using an not equal to an empty string condition. To retrieve all persons where pi_vendor_id's is empty, do the following where condition.

->where('pi_vendor_id', '=', '')

return rows in laravel that are not empty, I have the following output that I am getting from the laravel and I am inserting them in to selectbox whereNotNull did not work because your data is empty string not null What if $val is NULL instead of just an empty string? Retain null values from the source as null values in the data flow. Specify whether to keep null values when data is extracted. The default value of this property is false. When this value is false, the Flat File source replaces null values from the source data with appropriate default values for each column, such as empty strings for string

Try as below.


                    ->orderBy('pi_name', 'asc')

how to prevent eloquent from converting empty string to null , If null is inserted, it will be an empty string instead. but right now i'm importing data from the excel sheet of the old system they didn't have the� If you do not want to stop executing the script, use the dump method instead. diff() The diff method compares the collection against another collection or a plain PHP array based on its values. This method will return the values in the original collection that are not present in the given collection:

This code will also work:

->where('pi_vendor_id', '')

For convenience, if you want to verify that a column is equal to a given value, you may pass the value directly as the second argument to the where method.

[Proposal] old() helper to return empty string if present but null , [Proposal] old() helper to return empty string if present but null #1826 If you submit a form with an empty input, its name will be present in the session data as the user just submitted because the default value will be used instead. to null is done by the default� Right click the dimension field containing Null members Select 'Edit Aliases…' Locate Null and change to the expected string value. Type a space for a blank. Alternately, to right click the Null value in view and select 'Edit alias…'

if a column is not null, and it has default value empty string. `Model , it is not null, but it has empty string default value. laravel's middleware using the forums at Laracasts or perhaps the Slack to have a real chat instead? Validation shouldn't manipulate the request data as you suggested. You will find that all empty cells in column A are returning 0 in column B. We can avoid this. All we need to do is change the formula from =IF(ISBLANK(A2),,A2*3) To =IF(ISBLANK(A2),””,A2*3) Note that a pair of double quotes have been included instead of “nothing” so that that formula returns an empty cell when there are 0s in column A.

laravel: how to set my resource to give empty string instead of null, To add a field to a resource, we can simply add it to the resource's fields method. You can solved with your's database structure ; $table->string('person')->default(''); Laravel, I want to return an empty object instead of an empty array. Benchmark, string.Empty. When you specify "" instead string.Empty, the C# compiler itself will know the value of the string data. The runtime is not a part of this decision. Info: You can run a benchmark where string.Empty is much slower than "", by using a conditional that is removed by the C# compiler.

By default, Laravel includes the TrimStrings and ConvertEmptyStringsToNull middleware in your application's global middleware stack. These middleware are listed in the stack by the App\Http\Kernel class. These middleware will automatically trim all incoming string fields on the request, as well as convert any empty string fields to null. This

  • Hi...i already try but more worse it does not return anything of my data
  • Have you tried removing where('pi_person_type','3') to see if it returns data then? and are you sure that the field is actually empty?
  • my bad sir i call wrong attribute actually ...thanks for your time