NodeJs is sending empty response

I am using NodeJS and MongoDb as a backend service.I am trying to retrieve distinct data based on condition like I want to get names where order status is pending:

const coll = client.db("My_db").collection("Orders");

                  let output = => ({'name'}));


But it is sending empty array like this:


Someone please let me know what I am doing wrong.Any help would be appreciated.


As per documentation Distinct Mongo DB

Thay result will be array .But you are matching its a object key .

So do with argument only

let output = => ({'name':r}));

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You don't need to run map over that response. The distinct function returns the array of distinct values. Try console.log(docs) and check it

http module error out while sending empty response body � Issue , But due to empty body and response nodejs is crashing. Hope I am clear with my issue . res.status(response.statusCode).send() will definitely crash if response is undefined so response = response || {} is the workaround for that and the code is breaking because we are trying to call res.status(null).send({}). as the status field is undefined node is breaking. Should it be handled or it is expected?

Because you have specified field as name, you don't need to use, just use r

You can refer to the link, hope this will help you :)

If your MongoDB is above 2.2 and you want to find multiple fields, you can use aggregate

collection = db.tb;
  {"$group": { "_id": { name: "$name", email: "$email" } } }

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  • can you try to console.log the output variable ?
  • On doing console.log() its showing {name:undefined}
  • Are you positive you're showing us the correct route handler? Can you try res.send("test"); instead to make sure? Because I don't see how the above code could result in the response you posted.
  • Everything is correct I got the solution thw problem was in i need to use only r.Now it is showing proper names.
  • Print out docs object with console.log(docs);. let's check error first.
  • What if i want to get phone number along with name.
  • you could do with aggregation group for example .Still i m also learning mongo db