Laravel admin route is not handel by laravel 6

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my web.php file

Route::get('admin', function () {
    return view('welcome');

it's not working

error im getting in blow page

it's showing apache2 error can anybody know what is wrong.

it should handel by laravel right .?

i m using

Laravel 6

mysql 5.7.29

Ubuntu 18.4

php artian serve gives me again diffrent error show in below


The fact that it is showing 403 Forbidden is most probably because apache is trying to directory-list /admin folder but it is prohibited to do so.

I think in laravel directory public folder have the admin folder name. Please check.

If the admin folder exists rename folder name.

So the solution is to make sure that you do not have a folder 'admin' inside public folder.

Middleware - Laravel, Master, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x � 5.8 � 5.7 � 5.6 � 5.5 � 5.4 � 5.3 � 5.2 � 5.1 � 5.0 � 4.2 If the user is not authenticated, the middleware will redirect the user to the login screen. App\Http\Middleware; use Closure; class CheckAge { /** * Handle an incoming request. use App\Http\Middleware\CheckAge; Route::get('admin/profile', function� In this laravel 7.x, 6 routing tutorial, we will discuss laravel routings. How you can create SEO friendly URLs with laravel routing. Laravel Routing is very easy and simple to use because of its flexibility. Before we start the laravel routing tutorial, you must know what’s is route in laravel. What is Laravel Routing?

you should visit /admin to view the page, remove public

Laravel admin edit route not working. Returns 404, The simplest Laravel routes consist of a URI and a Closure callback. a response, that response is considered the response to the request and the route will not execute. In the example above, the admin filter would be applied to all routes Laravel routes are also able to handle wildcard sub-domains, and will pass your� In Part 8, we protect our admin routes. In video, we protect our dashboard route so that no one can access it without logging into admin. There are two approaches to protect our routes :-

You should add port 80 in your url


or you if you have xampp folder you can edit virtual host document root in vhost file pointed to your project folder

DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/project/public"

so you can just use


How to Structure Routes in Large Laravel Projects?, I found it by myself. It's because the order of the routes in web.php. Since I have a route like /{user}/create before the Route::resource , so that's� First off, you can find everything you need to know in the Laravel 6 Authentication documentation. If you want a quick walkthrough, here goes nothing. Laravel UI. Laravel UI is a new first-party package that extracts the UI portion of a Laravel project into a separate laravel/ui package. The separate package enables the Laravel team to iterate

Laravel 5.8 middleware not working, With Laravel Horizon, Taylor has only API routes, and he didn't use separate file, instead Route::prefix('admin')->group(function () { Route::get('users', function 6. Grouping into More Files – is it worth it? If you have huge amount of better to have separate route files or could this be handled by prefixes? Step 1: Install Laravel 6. first of all we need to get fresh Laravel 6 version application using bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run bellow command: composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog. Step 2: Install Laravel UI. You have to follow few step to make auth in your laravel 6 application.

There are two values admin and user in level field . Laravel 5.8 middleware not working public function handle($request, Closure $next) { if (auth()->check()) { if (auth()->user()->isAdmin()) { return Just have authenticated routes. php artisan tinker Psy Shell v0.9.9 (PHP 7.1.6 — cli) by Justin Hileman� laravel-admin is administrative interface builder for laravel which can help you build CRUD backends just with few lines of code.. Since I don't have much time to maintain this project, laravel-admin only supports the LTS version of Laravel (currently Laravel 5.5).

Laravel allows you to not only route to Closures, but also to controller classes, and even allows the creation of resource controllers. See the documentation on Controllers for more details. Become a Laravel Partner

  • check your port properly or you can run using php artisan serve --port=8080
  • @Hamelraj not working please check in you system
  • i installed laravel 6 already its working fine without any issue
  • Thanks for great explanation, i have assets in public/admin folder
  • @KamleshPaul So now you need to change route name or folder name right.
  • sure will do that
  • Not Found The requested resource /admin was not found on this server. this error i m getting by this