Validate input of any two specific letters say 'a' and 'i' in JavaScript and replace 'a' with @ and 'i' with?

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I'm a newbie and need help here. We need a input string from an user. The input string must contain both letters 'a' and 'i'. If it doesn't contain both then we reject the input and alert the user.

If the input string contains both 'a' and 'i' then we replace a with @ and i with !.We then print the output.

For example: aletis-->@lert!s

I tried

var check = /[aiAI]/;

but this takes input even if only either a or i is satisfied.

If you're really new with regex, I would advise you to do it in two steps,as this would be far more clear to read.

"alertis".replace(/a/gi, "@").replace(/i/gi, "!");

/a/gi means find "a" with the /gi meaning "case insensitive" and global.

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if (/(?=.*a)(?=.*i).*/.test('aletis')) {
    const result = "aletis".replace(/a/gi, "@").replace(/i/gi, "!");
    // Rest of your code
} else {

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