Laravel eloquent model Class not found

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This is my web.php in routes folder


        $task = App\Task::all();

        return view('task',['task' => $task]);

This is my Task model, Task.php


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Tasks extends Model


I dont know why when i go /task , an error shown

Class 'App\Task' not found

Can someone help me? I am new to Laravel

Top of your web.php route file mention model

use App\Task;

and then use


        $task = App\Task::all();

        return view('task',['task' => $task]);

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Here is your fix, you have model with name Tasks not Task

$task = App\Tasks::all();

Hope this helps

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use App\Task;
add it in your controller where you want to fetch data

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Another possible solution that might help others is that the model file doesn't have .php in the filename. So in this case the model filename would be Task instead of Task.php

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When I try to edit a non-existant id (e.g. 12039) it also shows me an empty model. I am using simple resource links in my router. Route::resource('profilefields', 'ProfileFieldController'); Any idea why my eloquent model is not filled properly? I have not found any mistake which I could have made (it works with the club relation)

  • You should really put the logic into a controller rather than within the Routes web.php file.
  • Try this: $task = \App\Tasks::all();
  • @Option, yea, i will change that..
  • @HirenGohel , Alright, I will try
  • @HirenGohel, Thansk man, but still cant worked..
  • @WeiKang check your model name and class name as same.
  • @WeiKang good practice to use same name as model and class name
  • what's the issue now ?
  • use App\Tasks add this to the top of file.