How to do empty list check in maximo anywhere

I am getting few json response from service as "-@@EmptyComplexField@@-". Due to which screen crashes. How to do a proper empty check for complex feild in maximo anywhere. Please help with sample code.

We can do a empty check for list as below if(list && list!="-@@EmptyComplexField@@-")

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Not sure why you're getting this EmptyComplexField string down at your layer. Are you sure you've defined your multiplicity correctly on the OSLC Resources app for these new children objects?

if (/-or-many$/.test(complexAttribute.multiplicity)){
                var attributeName = complexAttribute.remoteName;
                if (!(attributeName in data)){

Are you making sure these complexattributes are set as requiredattributes on the view before you display it?

[PDF] Configuring Maximo Anywhere mobile apps, and test the Maximo Anywhere apps and to manage the build and deployment process. Before you deploy the mobile apps to the production environment, you can preview and test all If the result is empty, enter sudo nano . bash_profile. This step domain or value list, in Maximo Asset Management and you want to add. 2. Click the Results sub-tab. Maximo displays all of the records. If necessary, click Next Page to scroll through the results. Click the record you want to select. To specify criteria for a search: 1. On the Find sub-tab, enter a value in the fields you want to search. You can use Select Value or Detail Menu to select values. 2. Click Find

The most correct answer would be:

if (list && list != PlatformConstants.EMPTY_COMPLEX_FIELD) { ... }

How to check for null values, If you need do distinguish between null values and empty string you can use the Mbo.getMboValueData() method. Thus to check if the� If a new database was created, the file must be modified to connect to the new database. The file is located in the ibm\smp\maximo\applications\maximo\properties folder. See the following technote on editing Modifying the File in Release 7.

Maximo Anywhere (Mobile Application), IBM Maximo Anywhere provides a set of mobile applications used to take inventory, issue and return spare parts, log new service requests, assign work orders, perform work orders, and more. These applications Back to course list shutterstock_647070460 test Read more Leave this field empty if you're human:� This document identifies how to find out where a field in the Maximo application comes from and how to identify what the field is called. Instructions: 1. Log into Maximo and navigate to the area of the application that you are interested in i.e. Work Order Tracking 2. Locate the field within Maximo and click in the field 3.

Make a field required using the Conditional Expression Manager , In previous version of Maximo, this used to be called Field Control. if the GL Account is null we will just call it “Check if GL Account is empty”. In previous versions of Maximo the term valuelist was used, in the latest versions of Maximo a valuelist is an ALN Domain. To create an ALN Domain: From the Configuration module, select the Domain application. At the bottom right of the form, select Add New Domain button and select Add New ALN Domain.

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  • Yes, I am adding OSLC resource in required attributes of the view