Oracle Apex button click it will open new window

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Oracle Apex 5.1, once click the button it will open new window its possible?, any one please provide the sample code

Use the below code'f?p=&APP_ID.:1:&SESSION.:::1:P1_ID:'+$v("P844_ID")+','_blank');

Oracle Apex button click it will open new window, I have a classic report region and a button placed in region header "Copy" / 43994160/oracle-apex-button-click-it-will-open-new-window. For the second query where you want to refresh parent window and close the popup window, Create a html region and give a condition to this region that it should display on a particular request and pass that request on your button click and write this javascript code in your Region Source <script type="text/javascript"> window.opener.doSubmit

LMGTFY - Did you try the following

APEX open URL in new window

open a new tab with a external url, I have one of my interactive reports' column linked to a URL so when my user click on the link it opens an associated webpage In Oracle Apex, on button click, you want to open URL in a new tab. Here I am giving the example to perform this task using the Dynamic Action for a button. Open URL in a New Tab on Button Click in Oracle Apex

In dynamic action : create an on click DA that executes JS

var rowid=;
vUrl = apex.util.makeApplicationUrl({
//appId: $v("pFlowId"),                   // default is $v("pFlowId") - current app
pageId:10,                     // default is $v("pFlowStepId") - current page
//session: $v( "pInstance" ),   // default is $v("pInstance") - current session
// request: 'TEST_REQUEST',      // default is $v("pRequest") - current request
//debug: 'YES',                 // default is $v("pdebug") - debug YES/NO
// item names array (no value by default)
itemValues:[rowid]      // item values array (no value by default)
  //printerFriendly: 'YES'        // no value by default 

Hot to open a page in a new tab from region button, Hallo Apex People! Is it possible to open it in a new browser window? <input type='button' onclick='popupWindow();' value='#LABEL#'� I have an apex page where I have a button "SAVE & CLOSE" . On click of that button, I first want to save the data and then close the page. I have a PLSQL code at point "Processing" to save the data. I have then created a Branch at Point = "After Processing" and Type ="PLSQL Procedure" and written below code to close the window.'f?p=&APP_ID.:3002:&SESSION.:::3002:P3002_CPY_ID,P3002_RPM_ID,P3002_ACM_ID,    P3002_FORMAT,P3002_REPORT_PAGE_NO:'+$v("P1977_CPY_ID")+','+$v("P1977_RPM_ID")+','+$v("P1977_ACM_ID")+',VIEW,1977','_blank');

Use the above code Click the button and create the dynamic action and select Execute Js and paste the query.. pass the parameter and page no everything.. then try

APEX Link to open URL in a new window, As you probably know, you can't open a window from Apex code. But you can change your VF page's commandButton to a regular HTML input type="button", and add an onClick event handler that uses JavaScript to open a new window, setting the new window's URL to the VF page you want the user to see. Does that let you do what you want to do?

howto open weblink/url via html button in new b, I'm using APEX 18.2. I have a classic report region and a button placed in region header "Copy" position. The button target is to set to new page (not url) and passes few page items to the target page and target page should open as a new tab in the browser. any ideas are appreciated, thanks.

Oracle Apex: Opening a URL in a new window, from an interactive report Problem You have a link which opens up a URL to an external site, but each time you click on it, it replaces your window, and you lose your session.

In Oracle Apex 5 I want to open a page for printing. Because there is no top- and side menu (to safe space and ink) I want to open the page in a new tab. As mentioned on this question I use javascript and But I have to use parameters and APEX requires a valid checksum. So I filled a (hidden) field with

  • Use the below code it will help to redirect another new tab'f?p=&APP_ID.:1:&SESSION.:::1:P1_ID:'+$v("P844_ID")+','_blank');