Android Studio add flutter sdk path in preferences

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I just started app programming and I wanted to do so using flutter. But when I want to create a new flutter project, it takes eternal and doesn't finish. Tried all fixed, updating flutter and AS, running AS in Admin Mode (btw I'm using Win 10), creating the project offline, not doing so, reinstalling AS in a folder with a dart-compliant name, but one option I can't try: in the settings for new projects I can't set the standard path of the flutter and dart sdk. If anyone knows how to fix this, or, even better, how to create a flutter project, please describe it step by step, since I'm a complete beginner to app programming

One solution was just running the flutter create command. Although it kind of worked offline, I finally decided to create the flutter project online. Afterwards I opened it in AS without a problem or missing/corrupted files (so the issue should be with AS and flutter together). And even if it's kind of a workaround, it worked for me.

This is what I typed in the console:

flutter create --pub --no-offline --with-driver-test --template=app --description="Your description here." --org="yourdomainhere" --project-name="your_project_name_here" C:\src\flutter\flutter_projects\your_flutter_project

Android Studio add flutter sdk path in preferences, Install the Flutter and Dart plugins. To install these: Start Android Studio. Open plugin preferences (Configure > Plugins as of v3.6.3.0 or later)� This article will show how to set up Android Studio to run Flutter Applications. Android Studio is one of the popular IDE developed by Google itself to create cross-platform android applications. First, you have to install Android Studio of version 3.0 or later, as it offers an integrated IDE experience for a Flutter.

Did you follow the guidelines correctly when creating a new Flutter project? Please follow this link step by step

Android Studio and IntelliJ, Add-to-app flows with Android Studio are only supported on Android Studio 3.6 with This creates a some/path/my_flutter/ Flutter module project with some Dart code to is a convenient one-click build process, but requires the Flutter SDK. Finally, include this project in the host app's settings.gradle file mentioned below. So I tried another thing: Open File. Select settings from the File menu. Select Languages & frameworks from the left panel. Select Flutter. Then from the right panel choose the location of your flutter SDK.

Try out this step manually in android studio :

Set up an editor, Restart Android Studio and now you will be able to see an option called start flutter project. Click on start flutter project and then select Flutter Application from the first window and click next. Give a project name and then for the flutter SDK path give the git repo path and click next. Problem. Dart's SDK is supposed to be bundled when Flutter is downloaded according to the documentation: "The Dart SDK is bundled with Flutter; it is not necessary to install Dart separately".

Integrate a Flutter module into your Android project, 5. Here you go. Now open the Command prompt window and locate to Flutter SDK Folder path. 6. Execute flutter doctor command to see if there are any platform dependencies is remaining to install. 3. Android Setup: 1. Download and Install Android Studio. 2. Start Android Studio, and go through the ‘Android Studio Setup Wizard’ .

Flutter Installation on MACOS and WINDOWS., In Preferences > Plugins, enable Android Support if you haven’t already. Right-click the android folder in the Project view, and select Open Module Settings. In the Sources tab, locate the Language level field, and select level 8 or later. In the Dependencies tab, locate the Module SDK field, and select an Android SDK. If no SDK is listed, click New and specify the location of the Android SDK.

So, I had to go to File->Settings->Language & Framework->dart and add the SDK path to my Flutter sdk path with Dart SDK C:\flutter\bin\cache\dart-sdk. Note that as others mentioned if you pointed out the Flutter SDK path, you may not be needed to setup Dart SDK path because of Flutter SDK comes with Dart SDK in it .

  • did you install flutter sdk ?
  • Yup, "flutter doctor" reported no issues both from the main and the flutter directory
  • I did so until the "Creating Flutter Project" Text showed up. Now I'm once again stuck here. Before I also tried to create a project not from the "Welcome"-Screen but from the editor itself. Same result.
  • The options "Flutter" and "Dart" above "Kotlin" are missing in my settings for new projects, as I said
  • @VincentGuttmann Okay try Invalidate Cashes/Restart your android studio
  • I restarted AS and my PC but nothing changed
  • @VincentGuttmann can you please attach some screenshots of which plugin you are installed and also settings of your android studio?
  • Which settings specifically? There are a ton of them, so I want to pick the important ones