Uninstall tensorflow 2.1.0

I am having problems with uninstalling TensorFlow.

I have a Python script that uses TensorFlow. I want it to use TensorFlow1.15, but it is currently using TensorFlow 2.1.0. I deleted TensorFlow via my cmd: pip uninstall tensorflow and pip uninstall tensorflow-gpu. When I run these commands again it says that TensorFlow is not installed. However, I can see that my script says it is using TensorFlow 2.1.0 (I added the line:print(tf.__version__) in my script). Does anyone know where this TensorFlow 2.1.0 is installed and how I can delete it from my PC?

Also you can downgrade tensorflow by this command in Pycharm terminal :

python -m pip install --user --upgrade tensorflow==1.15

It can also be used for other libraries.

uninstall tensorflow from windows � Issue #8785 � tensorflow , Hello, I installed python and tensorflow in windows 10. How can I uninstall it? Thanks in advance. So, to uninstall TensorFlow 2.0 beta or any other TensorFlow version you have to use the pip Python package installer. The pip installer will correctly find out the libraries during the un installation process and delete from Python installation.

This problem means that you use different pythons in your terminal and your script.

You mentioned PyCharm. By default, it creates a virtual environment for a new project. It also can use your global python. In any case, open a terminal in PyCharm (it should be in the bottom of the window or View -> Tool Windows -> Terminal or Option + F12 on Mac, Alt + F12 on Windows). From there you should run pip uninstall tensorflow. PyCharm automatically activates the correct python environment in the terminal.

14.04 - How to uninstall TensorFlow completely?, Depends on how you install it considering the fact that there are multiple ways to do it here. Most generic way people do it is through pip, check� I accidentally installed TensorFlow for Ubuntu/Linux 64-bit, GPU enabled. When I installed with Linux 64-bit CPU only, I am getting Segmentation fault while importing tensorflow from python console.

From the above-provided information it is difficult to ascertain the scenario in which you are trying to uninstall. I suggest creating a new python environment for your project using anaconda-

follow these steps -

  1. download exe file for Anaconda website
  2. install it.
  3. open cmd
  4. create new env using this command conda create -n yourenvname python=3.6
  5. install tensorflow 1.15 by conda install tensorflow-gpu==1.15
  6. go to pycharm select your new conda environment.(File -> setting -> project -> project interpreter - > insert path for env)

your env in windows might be in windows installation drive - > users -> anaconda3 -> envs

Uninstall Tensorflow by Anaconda on Windows, If you are using anaconda, just call conda remove to remove from anaconda environment. If you need a complete list, just take a look at this Does the below mean tensorflow is uninstalled? conda remove -n tensorflow pip python=3.6 Solving environment: done ==> WARNING: A newer version of conda exists. <== current version: 4.5.4 latest version: 4.5.11. Please update conda by running $ conda update -n base conda Package Plan. environment location: C:\Users\Chand\Anaconda3\envs\tensorflow

File ->Setting

Now you '+' button on rightmost tool bar "click" it finally installed package

if still package is not installed or pycharm showing error then you have to remove tensorflow from base root and reinstall it

Uninstall TensorFlow 2.0 beta, Uninstall tensorflow 2.0 beta, In this tutorial we will see how to uninstall TensorFlow 2.0 beta from Google colab or from your location installation? > pip list | grep tensor tensorboard 2.1.0 tensorflow 2.1.0 tensorflow-addons 0.7.1 tensorflow-estimator 2.1.0 tensorflow-gpu 2.1.0 Note that I have both tensorflow and tensorflow-gpu after installation. Expected Behaviour. tensorflow-addons get installed without installing tensorflow 2.1.0 (in presence of tensorflow-gpu 2.1.0)

Installed the wrong version of tensorflow and I can't change it to the , Keep running "pip uninstall tensorflow" till it says "Cannot uninstall requirement tensorflow, not installed". Then run "pip install tensorflow-gpu==2.0.0-alpha0". or "� TensorFlow 2.1.0 is the latest release of TensorFlow 2.x library and this will be the last version with Python 2 support. Here are the steps for installing on Google Colab: First of all uninstall previously installed TensorFlow if any with following command:!pip uninstall tensorflow Now install TensorFlow 2.1.0 with following command:

Build from source, pip uninstall tensorflow # remove current version pip install /mnt/tensorflow- tensorflow-2.1.0, 2.7, 3.5-3.7, GCC 7.3.1, Bazel 0.27.1. tensorflow-2.0.0, 2.7, 3.3- � Note: If you’re new to TensorFlow don’t worry about TF1.x just start off with the TF2.0 check TensorFlow website to get yourself started. Let’s start installing and setting up TensorFlow 2.0

Tensorflow Version Test, Found existing installation: tensorflow 2.1.0 Uninstalling tensorflow-2.1.0: Successfully uninstalled tensorflow-2.1.0. In [2]: !pip install tensorflow-gpu==1.15. Now, your Conda’s environment is ready to use. Let’s install TensorFlow 2.0. Installing TensorFlow 2.0. When you are in the yolov3_tf2 environment, now you can install any package you want. To install TensorFlow 2.0, type this command and hit Enter. GPU: conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow-gpu=2.0. CPU: conda install -c conda-forge

  • What is your OS?
  • pip might be pointing at a different location then your python script, you should try doing python -m pip uninstall tensorflow or better yet use a virtual environment
  • Hi, and welcome to StackOverflow. I wonder if a reboot would eliminate your problem? Also, please be aware that an uninstall from Anaconda might not change the virtual environment in, say, PyCharm.
  • Yes I have tried python -m uninstall tensorflow as well! It also says that I don't have tensorflow
  • I rebooted my pc, but it doesn't have any effect. Do you know how I can uninstall tensorflow from PyCharm?
  • I have installed anaconda. When I run 4 in anaconda, besides saying I need to update anaconda. When running 5, it says: PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels: - tensorflow-gpu==1.5. Lastly, how do I select conda environment in pycharm?
  • Try conda install -c default tensorflow-gpu==1.15.0 also conda update conda to update anconda packages
  • I have mentioned how to choose anaconda on pycharm in point - 6
  • I am sorry but I don't understand point 6. I have successfully installed tensorflow 1.15 now. Should I import the env package in my interpreter?
  • Yes there is a + button in add env option there you can choose the path of the env ( select add existing environment )
  • Thanks for your comment! I did this, but when I print my tensorflow version, I still have 2.1.0
  • I am making a program that can detect objects. I have an attribute error: tensorflow has no attribute 'graphdef'. Someone else helped me and told me I have the wrong version of tensorflow. According to him I need tensorflow 1.15. When I print: print(tf.__version__), in my program it says: 2.1.0, so the program says I have tensorflow 2.1.0
  • I also face this problem Do not try to switch to tensorflow==2.0 you should update your code that's what i did
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/59822617/… visit this may be help you