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I have an app in Angular5 and NodeJS and now, when I click F5 on any of my pages, it tooks a loooong time to refresh and sometimes it don't show data. I think it reloads my whole application. There is any way to do "only data refresh" or something like that, so my whole app wouldn't be refreshed every single time I press F5?

Intercepting expected browser behavior is a bad idea from UX perspective. What should happen if your application crashed or ended up in a state where I cannot go back to previous state? How should I "update" (read: pull the new code) your application? What if I want to discard current state? Personally I'm pretty pissed at websites that change any browser behavior.

You might be interested in though.

Angular Basics: Refresh an Angular Component without reloading , Here, we just trick the router into believing that the last link was never visited; when the button is clicked, the program will load that component (� If you are working with Angular and need to refresh a component without navigation on another component without using window.location.reload() or location.reload(), you can use the following code

Actually you can add "keydown" event listener to window:

if (event.keyCode === 116) {
      //retrieve data from server

This will stop page refresh on "F5" and perform your custom functionality. But for user it might be strange that "F5" doesn't work as expected.

How to update a single component without refreshing the whole , those features in your app to update a single component and do a lot of other stuff. What is the best way to share data between components in Angular 2? As a beginner, should I learn about AngularJs, or jump into Angular 2 or just skip � In early Angular versions, there was no option to tell the router to emit events on same route refresh. Angular 5.1 introduced the onSameUrlNavigation property on the routers ExtraOptions.

Thanks guys for all of your support! I've done it using HostListener:

  @HostListener('document:keydown.F5', ['$event'])
  keyEvent(event: KeyboardEvent){

Now when somebody clicks F5 on page, it just reloads data (getData function, which gets fresh data from database).

BTW I know that disabling any of browser features is a bad way, but in this special scenario i just need this to work as I want.

How to Refresh the data source in Angular Grid component , Checkout and learn about Refresh the data source in Angular Grid component of datasource'; @Component({ selector: 'app-root', template: `<button ej-button� Categories AngularJs, Technology Tags angularjs auto refresh data, angularjs change route param without reload, angularjs refresh page without reloading, angularjs refresh view without reloading, angularjs update model without refresh, ng-refresh, update data without refresh page in angular, update data without refresh page in angular 2 Leave a

Refresh angular component without reload or navigation on another , Here we just trick the router into believing that, last link was never visited, and on click of button, it will load that component (Refreshing the� Servers often return data in the form of a stream. Streams are useful because they make it easy to transform the returned data and make modifications to the way you request that data. The Angular HTTP client, HttpClient, is a built-in way to fetch data from external APIs and provide them to your app as a stream.

Angular 2 application with refreshing data in real time, Angular 2 application with refreshing data in real time The whole project is available on github. add a new comment everyone who is reading this post will see it without need for refreshing page. Divided only by pages. I have noticed this on VS2017 15.7.1 ,dotnet core 2.1 and Angular/Angular-CLI ^6.0.3 (I removed webpack from packages completely - The angular add new does not use it so I nuked it too based on the dotnet core 2 template based on angular 5 (not the dot net core 1 template based on angualr 4))

refresh the same component in angular Code Example, Get code examples like "refresh the same component in angular" instantly right how to refresh only the page on refreshing not whole server react � how to can I make a single page refresh after updating all the data in context in reactJS whow update auto react app f5 � window.location.reload in react js� With this Observable-based API, not only the Data table does not know where the data is coming from, but the data table also does not know what triggered the arrival of new data. Here are some possible causes for the emission of new data: the data table is initially displayed; the user clicks on a paginator button

  • Maybe you can add routing functionality to reload routed component:
  • What if I'm using the mouse or swipe to refresh?