Force <a download /> to download image instead of opening url link to image

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<a download='file' href="">

You may be bitten by the fact that Firefox and Chrome 65+ only support same-origin download links, probably as a security measure.

Source: (see "Known issues" tab)

The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) also recommends that in cross-origin scenarios (as in your example), the web server that is hosting the image/file in question needs to send a Content-Disposition HTTP header for download= to be honored.


In short:

You can only use <a download='...'></a> to force download of an image/file, if:

  1. the server that hosts the image/file also says it should be downloaded,or
  2. the image/file comes from the same domain.

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Maybe you have solved in the meanwhile, but since you are hosting the files on S3 (see comments on Peter B's answer), you need to add a signature to the files url and set the ResponseContentType to binary/octet-stream by using the aws sdk. I am using Node so it becomes:

const promises = => {
        const promise = s3.getSignedUrlPromise('getObject', {
            Bucket: process.env.S3_BUCKET,
            Key: key, //filename
            Expires: 604800, //time to expire in seconds (optional)
            ResponseContentType: 'binary/octet-stream' 

        return promise;

    const links = await Promise.all(promises);

I hope this helps.

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setTimeout(function() {
   url = '';
   // downloadFile(url); // UNCOMMENT THIS LINE TO MAKE IT WORK
}, 2000);

// Source:
window.downloadFile = function (sUrl) {

    //iOS devices do not support downloading. We have to inform user about this.
    if (/(iP)/g.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
       //alert('Your device does not support files downloading. Please try again in desktop browser.');, '_blank');
       return false;

    //If in Chrome or Safari - download via virtual link click
    if (window.downloadFile.isChrome || window.downloadFile.isSafari) {
        //Creating new link node.
        var link = document.createElement('a');
        link.href = sUrl;

        if ( !== undefined) {
            //Set HTML5 download attribute. This will prevent file from opening if supported.
            var fileName = sUrl.substring(sUrl.lastIndexOf('/') + 1, sUrl.length);
   = fileName;

        //Dispatching click event.
        if (document.createEvent) {
            var e = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
            e.initEvent('click', true, true);
            return true;

    // Force file download (whether supported by server).
    if (sUrl.indexOf('?') === -1) {
        sUrl += '?download';
    }, '_blank');
    return true;

window.downloadFile.isChrome = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('chrome') > -1;
window.downloadFile.isSafari = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('safari') > -1;

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  • Don't the code you have there work?
  • No as you can see if you run it, it opens a new page with the image instead of downloading it
  • Your code there should work. However, you've renamed your download to 'file', if it's a jpg or an image you may want to add that file extension onto it.
  • In addition (or in replacement) to the HTML5's <a download attribute already mentioned, the browser's download to disk behavior can also be triggered by the following http response header: Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=ProposedFileName.txt; This was the way to do before HTML5 (and still works with browsers supporting HTML5). Ref:…
  • I tried and it works just fine (with another file)... Can you use a snippet?
  • Thanks for the answer @peter! Our backend is hosting the files on S3, is there a setting there for Content-Disposition to allow download, or can it be defined in our API?
  • @gnifrus should be set from AWS
  • Please explain why this code is a good solution for the OP, code only answers are frowned upon by SO