How to change C++ include guards in CLion?

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When CLion creates a header file it adds include guard strings like this:


/* ... code ... */


But I want just FILENAME_H without the PROJECTNAME_ prefix. How to change it in CLion settings?

  1. Settings->Editor->File and Code Templates->Files
  2. change ${INCLUDE_GUARD} into _${NAME}_H_

For example, if your file name is: clion.h, then _${NAME}_H_ is rendered as _clion_H_, because ${NAME} is rendered as the filename (without extension).

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File | Settings | Editor | File and Code Templates for Windows and Linux

CLion | Preferences | Editor | File and Code Templates for OS X

#[[#ifndef]]# BASE_${HEADER_FILENAME}
#[[#define]]# BASE_${HEADER_FILENAME}

#[[#endif]]# //BASE_${HEADER_FILENAME}


#ifndef BASE_test_h
#define BASE_test_h

#endif //BASE_test_h

select BASE_test_h and press CTRL + SHIFT + U to upper case

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According to the latest doc (2019.3, but it may work in earlier versions, too) you can navigate to the Naming Convention tab under Settings / Preferences | Editor | Code Style | C/C++.

There you'll find a field that allows you to easily change the header guard pattern. No need to add custom templates anymore.

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  • You should avoid using only FILENAME_H, it is not that rare to have multiple files with the same name in a project.
  • This wouldn't help in this case since the other header (with the same filename) would also use the include guards PROJECTNAME_FILENAME_H
  • One alternative would be to use #pragma once instead of the #ifndef include guards. The template used for header file creation can be changed under Settings->Editor->File and Code Templates.
  • Some sources say that with #define compilation is faster. And #pragma once is not a part of pre-C++11 versions of standard. I don't believe ${PROJECT}_${FILE}_H is hardcoded in CLion.
  • @Kroll, what sources say that?