Is it possible to remove "Inspect Element"?

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Is it possible to remove or disable "Inspect Element" context menu in Chrome App via Javascript?

I have searched through several forums but there are no definite answer.

It is possible to prevent the user from opening the context menu by right clicking like this (javascript):

document.addEventListener('contextmenu', function(e) {

By listening to the contextmenu event and preventing the default behavior which is "showing the menu", the menu won't be shown. But the user will still be able to inspect code through the console (by pressing F12 in Chrome for example).

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Nope. Closest you can do is capture right clicks, and make them not open the context menu, but the savvy user will know the keyboard combos or menu options to access it anyway, defeating the point. That's a feature of the browser, so nothing you do in your page is going to defeat it (short of installing malware on their computer).

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While not an answer, Chrome certainly has a way to do this, I appear to be in an A/B test as my work account can't inspect in Gmail, meanwhile my personal account can.

I've searched for <meta> tags or HTTP headers which might be controlling this, but nothing stands out

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<script language="javascript">
status="Right Click Disabled";
function disableclick(event)
     return false;    

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  • You mean the right click menu?
  • @David: yes, david and I just found out the solution by using oncontextmenu="return false".
  • Jep very true! good job
  • Yeah, by doing a web app users will always be able to see the source code. You should go for a native desktop app instead
  • Well, when you say they don't want them to be able to see source code, do you mean the code that generates the pages? Because to show them anything, you have to send them HTML. You have the option of doing minimal javascript, so everything is generated on the server, which will be a black box to them (they can't see what happens there), but to give them a web page, you MUST send them HTML (unless you want to use a plugin like Flash or a Java Applet, but even those can be reverse engineered, decompiled, etc).
  • Above method is disable for mouse and keyboard but what if i go to Developer tools and inspect from there.
  • Overwrite keyboard keystrokes :D
  • Besides, you can always open chrome://inspect.