How to ignore TypeScript error TS2339 - Property does not exist on type

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I'm using Angular 8 (started a project within Visual Studio 2019) and have fabric.init.ts file with next content:

import 'fabric';
import * as fabric from 'fabric/fabric-impl';

// (TS) Property 'DPI' does not exist on type 'typeof import(..@types/fabric/fabric-impl)'
fabric.DPI = 213;

Next is ok, because it matches the d.ts definition:

// Override fabric to meet ourrequirements
fabric.util.object.extend(fabric.Object.prototype, {
  centeredRotation: true,

How to ignore the DPI TS2339 error. It would be really great to have autocompletion, specially for learning fabric.

My package.json:

"private": true,
"dependencies": {
  "@angular/core": "8.2.14",
  "@angular/router": "8.2.14",
  "@types/fabric": "3.5.1",
  "fabric": "3.5.1",


For now I solved it by adding this line:

// @ts-ignore
fabric.DPI = 213;

I know its not the best solution, I prefer @wentjun's solution.

By changing this: import * as fabric from 'fabric/fabric-impl'; to import { fabric } from 'fabric'; I now have VisualStudio intellisense enabled as well. Of course I added @types/fabricjs to package.json.

For instance like this (fabric as any).DPI = 213;

How to ignore TypeScript error TS2339, import 'fabric'; import * as fabric from 'fabric/fabric-impl'; // (TS) Property 'DPI' does not exist on type 'typeof import(..@types/fabric/fabric-impl)'� I get many The property 'x' does not exist on value of type 'y' errors which i want to ignore when using javascript functions. Answers: I know the question is already closed but I’ve found it searching for same TypeScriptException, maybe some one else hit this question searching for this problem.

Either type cast it as any then Typescript will ignore it like Vugar suggested or

import Typescript definitions

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I am not familiar with Fabric, but the recommended way of doing so would be to extend the fabric namespace to accept DPI as a valid property.

First, you can create a typescript file and define your new fabric definition.


interface ExtendedFabric {
  DPI: number;

// apply additional types to fabric and export it for usage
export const CustomFabric: (ExtendedFabric & typeof fabric) = fabric as any;

In your class/component that uses it,

import { CustomFabric } from './custom-fabric';

CustomFabric.DPI = 213; // no TS errors

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I am New to typescript. In my Durandal application I migrated to VS-2012 to VS-2015 means typescript 0.9 to typescript 1.8.4. After migrated I got so many build errors.

  • The problem is because fabric definition file does not have everything as fabric javascript file.
  • Try using fabricjs 1.5 or see this…