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test dataframe is below

test=pd.DataFrame({'item_name':['Steak Salad Bowl','Steak Salad Bowl','Barbacoa Salad Bowl','Meat Salad Bowl'],'item_price':[9.39,9.39,9.19,9.39]})

grps = [grp for _, grp in test.groupby('item_name', sort=False)]

My Expected out

item_name            count
Steak Salad Bowl     2
Meat Salad Bowl      1

Use boolean indexing for filtering by max values, then Series.value_counts and for DataFrame DataFrame.rename_axis with DataFrame.reset_index:

df = (test.loc[test['item_price'].eq(test['item_price'].max()), 'item_name']
print (df)

          item_name  count
0  Steak Salad Bowl      2
1   Meat Salad Bowl      1

Or for count use GroupBy.size:

df = (test[test['item_price'].eq(test['item_price'].max())]
print (df)
          item_name  count
0   Meat Salad Bowl      1
1  Steak Salad Bowl      2

SQL MAX count() and having, In this part, you will see the usage of SQL COUNT() along with the SQL MAX(). Example: To get the maximum number of agents as column� MAX() with Count function. In this part, you will see the usage of SQL COUNT() along with the SQL MAX(). Example: To get the maximum number of agents as column alias 'mycount' from the 'orders' table with the following condition - 1. 'agent_code' should be in a group, the following SQL statement can be used :

Using nlargest(n):

test.nlargest(1, columns='item_price', keep='all')['item_name'].value_counts()


Steak Salad Bowl    2
Meat Salad Bowl     1
Name: item_name, dtype: int64

Can I use MAX(COUNT()) in SQL?. I came across an interesting , To start, let's get the occupation count by year for each profession: use this table for calling the second function on the respective column. Get the maximum value of a specific column in pandas by column index: # get the maximum value of the column by column index df.iloc[:, [1]].max() df.iloc[] gets the column index as input here column index 1 is passed which is 2nd column (“Age” column), maximum value of the 2nd column is calculated using max() function as shown.

Using value_counts() and head() and reset_index() and rename()

pd.DataFrame(test['item_name'].value_counts().head(2).reset_index().rename(columns = {'index': 'item_name', 'item_name' : 'count'}))


             item_name  count
0     Steak Salad Bowl      2
1  Barbacoa Salad Bowl      1

SQL: MAX Function, The SQL MAX function is used to return the maximum value of an expression in a SELECT Because you have listed one column in your SQL SELECT statement that is not This gives me the max Count, But, I can't get the CUSTOMER_ID. Select Rows with Maximum Value on a Column Example 2. In this example, we will show how to select rows with max value along with remaining columns. It is useful if you want to return the remaining columns (non-group by columns). For this SQL Server example, we used the Inner Join to join the employee table with itself.

MySQL MAX Function, The MAX() function comes in handy in many cases such as finding the has effects in other aggregate functions such as COUNT() , SUM() , and AVG() . A) Using MySQL MAX() function to find the maximum value in a column example. count 891.000000 mean 32.204208 std 49.693429 min 0.000000 25% 7.910400 50% 14.454200 75% 31.000000 max 512.329200 Name: fare, dtype: float64 Another interesting feature of the value_counts() method is that it can be used to bin continuous data into discrete intervals.

SQLite MAX: Get the Maximum Value in a Set, Second, unlike the COUNT function, the DISTINCT clause is not relevant to the MAX function. Third, because a column can store mixed types of data e.g., integer ,� Also, if there is any NaN in the column then it will be considered as maximum value of that column. Get maximum values of a single column or selected columns. To get the maximum value of a single column call the max() function by selecting single column from dataframe i.e.

PostgreSQL MAX Function: Get Maximum Value in a Set, This tutorial shows you how to use the PostgreSQL MAX function to get the maximum value of a set and how to combine it with GROUP BY and Finding the largest values from two or more columns Previous PostgreSQL COUNT Function. In addition, you can move rows to columns or columns to rows ("pivoting") to see a count of how many times a value occurs in a PivotTable. Let's look at a sample scenario of a Sales spreadsheet, where you can count how many sales values are there for Golf and Tennis for specific quarters. Enter the following data in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Step 1. Find the max of item_price Step 2: Filter rows that are equal to the max value, Step 3: Call value_counts() on the item_name result. Doesn't seem like you've made any attempts, can you explain why?