Cannot open source file "sys/types.h" , "sys/stat.h"

visual studio code cannot open source file
unreal engine cannot open source file
intellisense cannot open source file
cannot open source file: 'qobject
cannot open source file iostream
cannot open source file ccs
c++ cannot open source file vscode
qt cannot open source file

I am using Visual Studio 2017. I just updated it and started to get this error on every project I have:

C++ cannot open source file "sys/types.h" C++ cannot open source file "sys/stat.h"

Didn't find any similar questions so sorry if duplicated. The error is for this 2 lines in file wchar.h and the error code is E1969 for both errors, tried repairing but didn't work, any help would be appreciated!

#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

I was getting this error when I opened a project made by someone else in an older version of Visual Studio. Here is how I solved it:

Go to Project > [Project name] Properties...

Click VC++ Directories

Select Include Directories then Click the drop-down arrow to the right and select Edit...

Click New Line icon (looks like new folder icon)

Click the ... to browse for a directory

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.16299.0\ucrt (Note that you don't drill down into the sys folder)

Click Select Folder > Ok > Ok

Once I did that the error was gone along with related errors in the code.

"Cannot open source file tank.h" - Ask, cpp throws a “Cannot open source file tank.h”, let alone when I try to add Tank and class ATank to the PlayerTankController… I'm using Unreal 4.15.1 and VS� Actually gcc code can compile and run correct,and Peek Declaration can open correct file. But whenever I #include c++ header,cpptools will report "cannot find sources 'header file'". BTW:If I include c header file,everything work perfectly.

I have the latest version of VS2017 Community installed, and those headers are now located here: Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\SDK\ScopeCppSDK\SDK\include\ucrt\sys

2017-11-21  07:50 PM    <DIR>          .
2017-11-21  07:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
2017-11-21  04:59 PM               609 locking.h
2017-11-21  04:59 PM             6,615 stat.h
2017-11-21  04:59 PM             2,446 timeb.h
2017-11-21  04:59 PM               740 types.h
2017-11-21  04:59 PM             4,643 utime.h

Update the path references, or reinstall the SDK if the references are not in your own code. This is part of MS's great Universal CRT refactoring. See here, for example:

Visual Studio C++ basic project cannot open source file, Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error (active) E1696 cannot open source file "ui_DialogGui.h" \DialogGui.h 4. The problem is I keep getting "cannot open source file". I have the the header files in a separate folder from the dll's and lib's (dll and lib are in the same folder). Under the project settings->VC++ Directories I added the include directory, and also added the library directory.

With Visual Studio 2019 CE the path is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.10240.0\ucrt

Intellisense error "cannot open source file" for the currently open file , when I open any c file, I get an E1696 error saying "cannot open source file <full path of opened file in upper case>"; intellisense doesn't work� When using the quotes, MSVC will look in the same directory as the file the #include is in for the specified file, then if it's not found there will look in the directories specified by the include path. When the filename is surrounded by <> characters, the current file's directory isn't looked at - the compiler goes right to the include path.

I had an issue with #include <sys/types.h> which I was able to resolve by enabling the "Inherit from parent or project defaults" button on the Property Pages/Configuration Properties/VC++ Directories/Include Directories/<DropDown>/<Edit...> dialog. This had been cleared somehow.

This causes the following paths to be added:


I'm using Visual Studio Professional 2017 version 15.9.18

"cannot open source file "c++ header file"" � Issue #1665 � microsoft , "cannot open source file "c++ header file"" #1665. Closed. AndrewDi opened this issue on Mar 10, 2018 � 4 comments. Closed� The source referenced is not listed when I click "Edit Links" If I do a formula search for the file name in the ENTIRE workbook, nothing is found; All files are on only ONE computer that is mine! Windows 7; Now for background I often save my file under a new name: suppose my original file is "Checking" I then save it as CheckingXX in the same

#include errors detected cannot open source file "iostream � Issue , cpp) will be provided by the Tag Parser. cannot open source file "iostream"". Let me know if you need any more information� It builds the file as it is listed in the project explorer. However I see that it is a linked file (shortcut icon), which means it is physically located somewhere else. You need to have an include path set for that location so that the compiler finds it when it is building files that include it.

Cannot open source file "generated.h", Cannot open source file "generated.h". 0. I can't include X.generated.h header file in my project. For some reason when I try to include the� Just basic project on MSVC++ 2017. I created simple QT Gui application then I added on Form Files new QT GUI class with name DialogGui, and try to compile. It is not possible to compile: here is the message from Visual C++ compiler.

"Cannot open source file pch.h" : VisualStudio, When I added new source files and headers to my project, I typed #include "pch.h " yet it shows an error that it can't open that file "No such file …

  • Because those headers aren't standard.
  • Check that the files exist. The typical install path for a recent VS2017 version is C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.16299.0\ucrt\sys. Next check Project > Properties > VC++ Directories > Include Directories.
  • @HansPassant: Hum, so VS does ship versions of these headers?
  • Of course, these #includes from compiler .h files don't fall from the sky.
  • @HansPassant: Nobody's told me about any compiler .h files. No need for the snark. I look forward to reading your answer!