How to fix "Error: Expected to be running in 'ProxyZone', but it was not found." in mocha testing?

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I am trying to test my Tour of Heroes Angular application using mocha, chai & webpack. I have followed this post & also with the help of this guide, have gone through the setup and got the build errors fixed and tests up and running.

But, my tests fails except for the test case where i don't use the async() in the beforeEach hook.

Passing Test
  beforeEach(() => {
      imports: [HttpClientTestingModule],
      providers: [HeroService, MessageService]
    httpTestingController = TestBed.get(HttpTestingController);

    let mockHeroes = [...mockData];
    let mockHero = mockHeroes[0];
    // let mockId =;

    heroService = TestBed.get(HeroService);

  afterEach(() => {

  it('is created', () => {

Failing Test
import { async, ComponentFixture, TestBed } from '@angular/core/testing';

import { DashboardComponent } from './dashboard.component';
import { HeroSearchComponent } from '../hero-search/hero-search.component';

import { RouterTestingModule } from '@angular/router/testing';
import { HeroService } from '../hero.service';
import { expect } from 'chai';


  beforeEach(async(() => {
      declarations: [DashboardComponent, HeroSearchComponent],
      imports: [RouterTestingModule.withRoutes([])],
      providers: [{ provide: HeroService, useValue: heroService }]

  beforeEach(() => {
    fixture = TestBed.createComponent(DashboardComponent);
    component = fixture.componentInstance;

  it('should be created', () => {

Error Stack Trace

1) DashboardComponent

  "before each" hook for "should be created":
Error: Expected to be running in 'ProxyZone', but it was not found.
 at Function.ProxyZoneSpec.assertPresent (node_modules\zone.js\dist\proxy.js:42:19)
 at runInTestZone (node_modules\zone.js\dist\async-test.js:202:23)
 at D:\Practice\Tour-Of-Heroes\node_modules\zone.js\dist\async-test.js:185:17
 at new ZoneAwarePromise (node_modules\zone.js\dist\zone-node.js:910:29)
 at Context.<anonymous> (node_modules\zone.js\dist\async-test.js:184:20)

I have tried Angular 5 Testing: Expected to be running in 'ProxyZone', but it was not found as I thought this was some error with zone.js using mocha, but without success.

Also, I have tried following Mocha Documentation for asynchronous testing, but as a beginner, it was somewhat hard for me.

I have tried googling and even in stack-overflow, but there are only a limited amount of posts regarding Angular testing with mocha. Any help getting through this is appreciated.

I had the same issue and removing async from beforeEach (and it) solved the problem. The error message is not helpful at all, but I guess is not easy from where it is generated to detect what the root cause is.

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Here is the answer to this question.

Angular 5 Testing: Expected to be running in 'ProxyZone', but it was not found

Basically this exception is coming because of the incorrect position of an async keyword. Remove the async from beforeEach and add it on "it"

it('should be created', fakeAsync(() => {

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I had the same issue when accidentally using fakeAsync in a describe function.

Removed it solved the issue for me.

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I see a few issues here.

You have 2 beforeEach. You should only have 1. If you have async on your block of test code, then you need to call await on a function, and/or use flush or tick to progress time. I usually use fakeAsync for observables, and async/await for real async methods.

For this specific example, you shouldn't need the async at all.

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  • same problem here
  • 5th Angular specific error I've hit today. This framework is such a timesink.
  • Ya the problem is I needed to test for asynchronous code and removing async is not an option when coming to that part.