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I am having trouble adding the minimise button to my MFC Dialog application. I have enabled minimise box (true).

The minimise button appears in the designer view but when I run the application the buttons are not visible.

Other settings are: Style: Overlapped Application Window: True Border: Dialog Frame Tool Window: False System Menu: True

I tried adding: ModifyStyle(0, WS_MINIMIZEBOX, TRUE);

to the OnInitDialog() but hasn't solved it.

There are 3 styles that I can choose which are popup, child and overlapped. If I use popup I don't see a title bar and cannot drag the window. Child throws an access violation if I use that style, so the only style I can choose is overlapped which shows the title bar and allows me to drag the window but the minimise button is not visible.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 and running Windows 10 1809.

I have double checked and minimise box is set to TRUE however it still won't show up on the dialog box when running.

The problem is when I use the Popup window style, I do not see the title bar at all! Also if I use the popup style I am unable to drag the window (title bar is missing). Overlapped seems the only style that I can use.

Try something like this:

BOOL CMFCApplication1Dlg::OnInitDialog()

Consider modifying your dialog template (in the .RC file) to include the necessary style bits instead of modifying the style at runtime.

minimize button doesn't work on any page, My minimize button on all my pages to make the page smaller does not work. all my pages are full screen and I can only see one at a time? how do I fix that� The minimize button and taskbar disappeared from metro apps for me, this worked like a charm. Personally, I can not see how someone would NOT want these functions as I find them useful and out of 100% of the time I'm on my PC, I would say those functions are accessed, on average, once every 6 min.

MFC is no different from programming a dialog without any frameworks. You declare a DIALOGEX resource, and have the system load it up, and display a dialog based on that template.

To get a dialog with a minimize box it needs at least the styles WS_MINIMIZEBOX and WS_SYSMENU1. Open up the .rc script that defines the DIALOGEX dialog template, and make sure those 2 styles are present in the STYLE element.

A default dialog template for a dialog-based application (with a minimize box) will typically be defined like this:

FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"
    DEFPUSHBUTTON   "OK",IDOK,209,179,50,14
    PUSHBUTTON      "Cancel",IDCANCEL,263,179,50,14
    CTEXT           "TODO: Place dialog controls here.",IDC_STATIC,10,96,300,8

You don't need to write any code that executes at runtime to get this behavior.

1 From Window Styles: "WS_MINIMIZEBOX: The window has a minimize button. [...] The WS_SYSMENU style must also be specified."

What is Minimize?, In recent versions of Microsoft Windows, the minimize button is Users with a Windows keyboard can press WIN+M at the same time to� Windows 10 Minimize Button does not work Whenever I attempt to minimize a window in Windows 10, the window does minimize to a very tiny window and every line in that window continues to run from down from top to bottom of that tiny window.

BOOL CMFCApplication1Dlg::OnInitDialog(){

ModifyStyle(0, WS_POPUP, TRUE);
ModifyStyle(0, WS_BORDER, TRUE);
ModifyStyle(0, WS_SYSMENU, TRUE);
ModifyStyle(0, WS_CAPTION, TRUE);

Restore, Minimize and Close buttons not working in Windows 10, If the Restore, Minimize and Close buttons not working for any program on your Windows 10 computer, here are some steps you can take to� 1 Press the Win + Down arrow key to minimize a window. 2 Press the Win + Up arrow key to restore the minimized window. If you click/tap on anything after minimizing a window, you will not be able to restore it using the Win + Up arrow method. You can use Option Seven to restore.

What to do if the Restore, Minimize and Close buttons are not , In such cases, the buttons on the right side of the title bar won't respond to any inputs which could be caused by a number of factors such as different input mode ,� Users with a Windows keyboardcan press WIN+M at the same time to minimize all open windows. To undo the minimize all windows, press Shift+Win+M. With Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to resizethe active windowpress WIN+DOWNon the keyboard, and if pressed again it is minimized.

Minimize/Maximize & Exit button missing in full screen, And then I must've clicked something in a frenzy of work and minimize/maximize and exit buttons disappeared from the left corner of my Google� If you can find a button in your window that exits full-screen mode, you can simply click it and then click the - button in the top-right corner of the window to minimize it. Double-clicking most video player windows (e.g., VLC or YouTube) will take you out of full-screen mode. 2 Press Esc to exit full-screen.

Restore, Minimize, Maximize or Close Buttons Not Working , We've seen a situation where you're trying to restore, minimize, or close a window and suddenly there's no response. Try these steps to solve the problem. I had the same problem office 2007 minimize, maximize, and red x buttons would not work. I also noticed that there were 3 bars with the buttons on them instead of the usual two. I disabled the features on the nview desktop properties and it started working fine. Thanks everyone for your information. I really didn't want to reinstall office.

  • I only have 3 options: popup, child or overlapped. I tried all three different styles and none have the buttons. Could you give me a hint where I would set WS_MINIMIZEBOX style? Thank you.
  • In the resource editor, select the main dialog box and then, in the Properties window, scroll to find the "Minimize Box" property and set it to "true". And, normally, a dialog is a "Popup" window.
  • The problem is when I use Popup window I do not see the title bar at all!
  • Is it a dialog-based application or a dialog box that is activated inside the application?
  • @IInspectable, What, exactly, is not required ? My suggestion above is to add a few styles. That solved the problem for the OP, regardless of where he added them.
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