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I have an app in which it shows me data from an API. I made a service that gets the data, where URL(string = "") is the url of the API:

class Webservice {

    func getAllMatches(completion: @escaping ([Matches.Matchs]?) -> ()) {

        guard let url = URL(string: "API")
            else {
                fatalError("URL is not correct!")
        URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) { data, _, _ in

            let matchs = try! JSONDecoder().decode([Matches.Matchs].self, from: data!)
            DispatchQueue.main.async {


Then I made a ViewModel in which the API fields were set:

class MatchListViewModel: ObservableObject {

    @Published var matches = [MatchViewModel]()

    init() {


    func fetchMatch() {

        Webservice().getAllMatches { matches in

            if let matches = matches {
                self.matches =


class MatchViewModel {

    let id = UUID()

    var match: Matches.Matchs

    init(match: (Matches.Matchs)) {
        self.match = match

    var championship: String {

    var local_Name: String {

    var local_Image: String  {
        return self.match.local.image

    var local_goals: Double {
        return self.match.local_goals

    var local_penalty_goals: Double {
        return self.match.local_penalty_goals
    var stadium_Name: String {


In the API, there is a field that shows an image, which is contained in a URL, I leave an example:


My question is: How can I display that image via that URL? The API query works, as it brings me the information I require, but I need to show me the image through that link, which I have not achieved.

Thanks for reading!


Use a loader like this to load the data:

import Combine

public class DataLoader: ObservableObject {

    public let objectWillChange = PassthroughSubject<Data,Never>()

    public private(set) var data = Data() {
        willSet {

    private let resourseURL: URL?

    public init(resourseURL: URL?){
        self.resourseURL = resourseURL

    public func loadImage() {
        guard let url = resourseURL else {

        URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) { (data,_,_) in
            guard let data = data else {
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
       = data
        }   .resume()

And a struct like this to display it:

import SwiftUI 

struct WebImage: View {

    @ObservedObject private var imageLoader: DataLoader

    public init(imageURL: URL?) {
        imageLoader = DataLoader(resourseURL: imageURL)

    public var body: some View {
        if let uiImage = UIImage(data: {
            return AnyView(Image(uiImage: uiImage)
        } else {
            return AnyView(Image(systemName: "ellipsis")
                            .onAppear(perform: { self.imageLoader.loadImage() }))

How to load a remote image URL into UIImageView, Paw has a lightning fast native macOS interface to compose requests, collaborate in real-time on API specs, and generate client code for your� Let’s see this with help of an example. Create an empty project and add an empty Image view. Create its outlet and then we’ll write the code to get image from an URL. This is how our application looks at the moment. Now, let’s add code to get image from an URL.

You can initialize Data via init?(contentsOf:): and then you can use that data to initialize UIImage via init?(data:):

If you would go this way remember that this Data initializer by default doesn't run on the background thread, so you can have bad performance, probably you would like to push it to background and then on completion use GCD to use result and update UI.

Loading images from URL in Swift. Like they do in HTML?, You're writing the front-end of a fancy website. You have to load images from a remote server and you have the url. What do you do? You take� ImageWithActivityIndicator is a SwiftUI view that download and display image from URL and displaying Activity Indicator while loading.

You can use URLImage library if you do not want to write any custom classes. It has heaps of customization options you can apply to your remote image.

You can install it in your project by adding a swift package(steps).

I hope it helps.

Happy coding.

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  • Thank , but when I try to put "WebImage" in my view, I get an error in the forEach, the error says "Type '_' has no member 'id'". :/
  • Could you provide the code where you get an error please?
  • WebImage takes a URL? into its initialiser, so you have to declare it like this: WebImage(imageURL: URL(string: ""))