How do update a scheduled quartz Job?

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Both of the below snippets give this error:

org.quartz.SchedulerException: Jobs added with no trigger must be durable.

  JobDetail job = scheduler.getJobDetail(jobKey(jobInfo));
  job.getJobDataMap().put(JOB_CONTENT, objectMapper.writeValueAsString(jobInfo));
  scheduler.addJob(job, true);

  JobDetail job = JobBuilder
        .usingJobData(JOB_CONTENT, objectMapper.writeValueAsString(jobInfo))
  scheduler.addJob(job, true);

addJob() is for adding jobs with no triggers attached: if that is what you want, just add a call to storeDurably() to the JobBuilder; if, as I can only guess, you want to otherwise update the job while retaining the old trigger, you will need to retrieve the existing trigger first, then, if the trigger will not need changes, scheduler.scheduleJob(newJob, oldTrigger); otherwise get a builder for it using TriggerBuilder.getTriggerBuilder(); to build a copy, make your changes, and eventually call scheduler.scheduleJob(newJob, newTrigger).

How to add new job or update the trigger for existing job in the , You will need to schedule the job with a new trigger. possible to update the existing trigger in Quartz in the previous version, but it is possible� Date nextFireTime=quartzScheduler.rescheduleJob (,, trigger) println "Next Fire Time : $ {nextFireTime}" } } Similarly if you are using Cron expression to schedule the job then use setCronExpression method of the trigger instance got from quartzScheduler.getTrigger () to reset the cron expression.

In addition to the job-specific settings, if you are using Spring you should also make sure that your SchedulerFactoryBean has overwriteExistingjobs = true. Otherwise only the initial trigger/settings of a job will be persisted (if you are persisting them).

Update the trigger of quartz job at Runtime, Recently I was in a scenario where I need to update job data map of the quartz job trigger at runtime, After a little bit research and exploring the� I am getting job details like start time and effective date from the database and on the basis of the job details, I am creating the job but what if I have got another entry for new job or the start time has been changed for the scheduled job, so how new job will be added in the job scheduler or new start time will be changed in the scheduler.

With non durable jobs, you must use scheduler.addJob(job, true, true) instead, with 3 parameters. The third parameter tells Quartz to store the job (in RAM) until it gets scheduled, that is until you add a trigger for it:

void addJob(JobDetail jobDetail, boolean replace, boolean storeNonDurableWhileAwaitingScheduling) throws SchedulerException

With the storeNonDurableWhileAwaitingScheduling parameter set to true, a non-durable job can be stored. Once it is scheduled, it will resume normal non-durable behavior (i.e. be deleted once there are no remaining associated triggers).

Create Update And Delete Jobs Dynamically In Quartz – Xebia Blog, The requirements were, to be able to dynamically schedule jobs using Qaurtz. After looking examples on the web I found most of the examples� I have a Quartz job which is scheduled with a collection of triggers and it has 3 to 5 minutes of execution time. But at any moment in the future(it may be a week later or a couple of minutes later) I may need to reschedule it with a new trigger set. There will be some additions or deletions on trigger set.

Best Practices and Tips, Quartz is a job scheduling library that can be integrated with, or used along side virtually any You can disable the update check with the Quartz config property � In Quartz, you can trigger a job manually via following pattern : JobKey jobKey = new JobKey(jobName, jobGroup); scheduler.triggerJob(jobKey); //trigger a job by jobkey

Frequently Answered Questions about Quartz, In our current project on Grails we faced a problem where we need to change the schedule of quartz job programmatically. The timeout value is� We can pass any number of parameters to the job scheduled by Quartz. To play this role, Quartz provides JobDataMap which is a map in which we can put values as key/value pair. JobDataMap is obtained from JobDetail. In job class implementing Job interface, we access JobDataMap using JobExecutionContext of execute() method.

Rescheduling a Quartz job programatically, Interested to learn more about Java Quartz? the Scheduler; 3.9 Skip Update Check; 3.10 Avoid scheduling Jobs at DST; 3.11 Enable detailed Logging. 4. create the trigger and define its schedule to run every 3 seconds. spring.quartz.job-store-type=jdbc. Next, we need to enable auto-configuration and give Spring the data source needed by the Quartz scheduler. The @QuartzDataSource annotation does the hard work in configuring and initializing the Quartz database for us:

  • For me scheduleJob() fails with Unable to store Job : '...', because one already exists with this identification.