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It's silly, but how to put a background rgb on android?

I'm trying to put a background of RGB color, but I can not find how to do.

android:background= ?
android:orientation="vertical" >

I've done it this way, but does not work


You can set RGB color with hex code in Android, like Hex Code #RRGGBB

Here are some sample colors:

Color   Hex RGB  Decimal Code
White   #FFFFFF (255,255,255)
Red     #FF0000 (255,0,0)
Lime    #00FF00 (0,255,0)
Blue    #0000FF (0,0,255)

For example you want to set color blue in your View background

android:background= "#0000FF"

It is always better to define your color in Color res folder.

Background color using rgb on android (XML preferred)? It's silly , Background color using rgb on android (XML preferred)?. It's silly, but how to put a background rgb on android? I'm trying to put a background of RGB color, but I� Apply any color as per app user requirement on linear , relative , Grid, frame, table,fragment layouts using xml. All layout background color can be easily changeable through main activity.xml file by using simple android:background=” ” attribute in layout tag.

Not sure if you can use RGB values from XML. But I am pretty sure you can do this from Java. Create an instance of your component and use method setBackgroundColor(). Use as following:

yourComponent.setBackgroundColor(Color.rgb(200, 00, 00));

How to set background color for android layout pragmatically using , Here is how you can set different colors to your android layout.xml file using You can set rgb color code using method : Color.rgb(int red,int green,int blue);. 5 Background color using rgb on android (XML preferred)? Nov 9 '16. 5 Gradle don't build on :app: 1 Taking time to load background images in android Jul 28 '16.

It should be


You may get an error Import the


Color, LengthFilter � Layout � Layout. The second method omits the alpha component and assumes the color is opaque (alpha is 255) It is also possible to create a color int by invoking the method toArgb() on a color instance When converting several colors in a row, this method is preferable to convert(long, android. graphics. Do you mean getting color from xml resource. to use this color in a TextView, use the following: Browse other questions tagged java android android-layout or

Color state list resource, Add motion to your layout with MotionLayout. Overview � MotionLayout examples. MotionLayout XML reference. Overview � <MotionScene>� I have some Buttons on my android app. They have an icon and text. I can set the background color of a Button in java code. If the button is clicked I want to display with a different color.

Lesson: How to change a color of text and background in Android , We would change font and background colors, but beside a standard text color Colors in Android are defined in RGB format. All we have to do to set text color in XML is to add one more attribute app interface (layout tree in Android)? � Lesson 2.2: How to use margins and paddings in Android layout? Using a drawable icon which is a static color; In all of these cases, use appropriate theme attributes instead of hardcoded colors. Launch screens. If your app has a custom launch screen, it may need to be modified so that it reflects the selected theme. Remove any hardcoded colors, for example any background colors pointing may be white. Use

Change theme color dynamically android, Hare, I create a simple code for the android change application theme color Dec 01, 2015 � Set different background color and modify toast using xml view As its value we could put #RGB, #ARGB, #RRGGBB, #AARRGGBB color value or Phone Screen Changer)? Example of how to change themes at runtime with a � Android / #a4c639 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #a4c639 is a shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #a4c639 is comprised of 64.31% red, 77.65% green and 22.35% blue. In the HSL color space #a4c639 has a hue of 74° (degrees), 55% saturation and 50% lightness. This color has an approximate wavelength of 564.89 nm.

  • use #ff0000 to get Red color
  • The problem is that I need to do it in RGB format @NabinKhadka
  • why you need to do in RGB any strong reason? @Carlos Uriel Santiago
  • school work :( @Kinjal
  • man you can not use RGB color in xml (layout) you have to do by programmatically like anyView.setBackgroundColor(Color.rgb(200, 00, 00));