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I'm using Sembast in a Flutter app. I have to refresh all the data in a store and need a way to removeall documents in a store. I looked at the API and only way I can see is either to get all keys and use them in a finder to delete them or drop the store and recreate it. Not sure if I overlooked something to support this?

The delete method can (and should) be used. Maybe there should be a clear method that simply calls delete without filtering, it would be similar to the indexed db API...

Some info here:

remove all documents in store � Issue #37 � tekartik/sembast.dart , Hello. What is the best way to remove all documents in a store? tekartik/sembast. dart. Answer questions alextekartik. I was wondering where is this clear method. Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

You can use the sembast deleteAll method to delete all records in a Database, which returns the list of keys that have been deleted that you can use in whatever code you need to recreate the store.

If you do not need to recreate the store you can use the sembast clear method to delete all records in the store.

remove all documents in store - sembast.dart, NoSQL persistent embedded file system document-based database for Dart Yet another NoSQL persistent store database solution for single process io applications. Dart so works on all platforms - MacOS/Android/iOS/Linux/ Windows). as Map; // and delete await store.record('version').delete(db);� Sembast supports using a user-defined codec to encode/decode data when read/written to disk. It provides a way to support encryption. Encryption itself is not part of sembast but an example of a simple encryption codec is provided in the test folder.

I did this:

var receiptStore ="receipts");
final database = await databaseFactoryIo.openDatabase(dbPath, version: 2,
    onVersionChanged: (Database db, int oldVersion, int newVersion) async {
  if (oldVersion == 1) {
    await receiptStore.delete(db);

so that I 'upgrade' the DB by deleting it.

sembast, In this tutorial I will show you how to use Sembast as your local data creating a new Flutter project and cleaning up the boilerplate code. Lines 2-6: Here we specify all our attributes and create a default Lines 13 and 14 retrieve the application document directory of the app and creates it if necessary. Subscribe Get the f ull project Persistently storing data in Flutter is not one of the easiest experiences if you're just starting out. If you want to move beyond simple "Preferences", which are only key - value pairs, you are probably looking at a library like SQFLite. The problem with this library is that it's very […]

Tutorial: Sembast as local data storage in Flutter, in sembast, which can therefore be a good option for app developers to give it a try. How Does Sembast stores the database rows/records? a student and then fetch all the records from the sembast database. Line 25 : implements the delete function, which has same procedure as update method. Sembast is a document based database. You can update a single field in a document. So if you want to update an item in an array, you have to update the whole array (but you can only update this array, like in firestore)

Persist data with Sembast NoSQL database in flutter., Basically, this gives us a clean API when interacting with the database. Just to note, sembast creates something like a container where all data is stored. See it as a big container To implement the bloc pattern, we'll need to create 3 dart files. In general, when you delete a file or directory in Microsoft Windows 10 it is moved to a special location known as the Recycle Bin. If you want, you can retrieve a file from the Recycle Bin and

Implement SEMBAST DB + BLOC Pattern on Flutter Todo App , We are going to create an AppDatabase class to hold all of the database SEMBAST stores data as JSON strings, so we need to have a way to convert for inserting, updating, deleting and getting data from the database. Thus we want to create 3 files - fruit_event.dart, fruit_state.dart, and fruit_bloc.dart. Sembast also supports encryption using user-defined codec so its new thing to work on. but the thing which makes it different among all NoSQL databases is its working compatibility with de