Eclipse Gradle Project No JUnit Tests found

no junit tests found spring boot
eclipse no tests found with test runner 'junit 5
intellij no tests were found
no matching tests found in any candidate test task
junit test not found intellij
java no tests found in the package
can not find test class in project
java.lang.exception: no tests found matching

I'm using Kubuntu 18.04

Whenever I make a new JUnit Test Case inside a Gradle Project in Eclipse, and this test file goes to src/test/java, when I click: -> Run As -> JUnit Test

I get the message: "No JUnit Tests Found"

The project and the tests work fine on Windows 10. Everything copy-pasted. They just don't work in my Kubuntu 18.04.

Capture of Gradle Project

Message that not JUnit tests are found

Did you add annotation @Test for method? Sample like that:

public class SampleTest {

    public void test(){
        System.out.println("Test run");

"No JUnit Tests Found" Error Solution, Legacy projects that do not use maven dependencies often need to In Eclipse, the libraries will be represented as a maven dependency as shown below. This was an example of “No JUnit Tests Found” Error Solution. Right click your project ->Properties->Java Build Path and go to Source Tab then add your test src folder. Select Project menu and unselect ‘Build Automatically’ option if selected; Select Clean and then select ‘Build Automatically’ option; Restart Eclipse and run your junit.

Is it not a problem with eclipse cache? I remember similar problem for maven (with turned off autobuilding), for such situation with maven, you would have to rebuild project, maven refresh - alt+f5 , and I don't know whether similar action is possible for gradle.

547594 – When executing test class "No JUnit tests found" error , I have a simple Scala project (no external dependencies except for Scala 2.7.2. final JUnit Eclipse does not let me do this via the UI; I get an error such as JUnit and Maven to build projects and run unit tests and generate reports, and also I� I have a Junit test case which if I run from Eclipse -> Junit, it passes but if I do the gradle build, the same test case fails.Even if do "Coverage" in Eclipse, then also it fails.

I finally found the issue:

Turns out it was the Java library that didn't detect the JUnit 4 tests. By default, my eclipse uses the JavaSE-11, but the one that worked was the JavaSE-1.8 in the JRE System Library.

I don't know why JavaSE-11 causes this error, though.

"No JUnit tests found" in Maven-based Hello World project � Issue , In eclipse, when you run the JUnit test case in your spring boot application, some In this case, eclipse will send a popup message saying “No tests found with The maven dependency may not be added properly in your spring boot project. My project had originally started as a Maven project, and I had converted it to Gradle. The problem was due to the old JUnit Run Configurations. All I did was go into Run Configurations and delete all the ones for JUnit. After I did this it started working. Hope this helps as the gradle eclipseClean eclipse didn't work for me.

Run as JUnit often returns "No tests found with test runner 'JUnit 4 , I also tried to restart IntelliJ and Reimport project in Maven, nothing helps. Any suggestions? Ok, I've found a solution, I created additional testRunner class: import� Kommentare deaktiviert für Workaround – No tests found with Testrunner JUnit 5; Java 8, Eclipse, JUnit 5 & Gradle It seems to be a bug in Eclipse and it’is fixed in the Oxgen Release 3 (4.7.3). But I still have the problem in my Java 8 project. So I did a little trick. I changed the version for the engine and the launcher back to 5.1.0

Popup Message – No tests found with test runner JUnit5 – Yawin Tutor, Just make sure that first, you remove the cucumber-java which did not work for you from Project build path >> Libraries and then add new. Requested tests: Test class RetestGradleSimple.LibraryTest * Try: Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights. * Exception is: org.gradle.api.tasks.testing.TestExecutionException: No matching tests found in any candidate test task.

Eclipse keep saying “No tests found with test runner JUnit 5”, Versions not meant for Java may not, however. When Eclipse is opened, a quick check to see if JUnit was included is to go to: File -> New -> JUnit Test Case. May be your JUnit launch configuration was for a individual test class, and you somehow changed that config to “run all tests in a source folder, package or project” But that could trigger the “No tests found with test runner ‘JUnit 4′” error message. Or you did a modification in your test class, removing the @Test annotation.

  • Check your imparts and run as a Junit Test , Kindly see the below sample . import static org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertEquals; import org.junit.jupiter.api.DisplayName; import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test; class CalculatorTests { @Test @DisplayName("1 + 1 = 2") void addsTwoNumbers() {
  • The lines: org.junit.jupiter are not detected by the IDE, as I am trying to run JUnit 4. Which runs fine on Windows.
  • Yes, it is there