Can Azure Storage File Shares be copied?

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We're using Azure file shares as data volumes for docker containers, and we'd like to back them up nightly. Is there a way of making copies of file shares using the .net SDK?

If you're looking for a single-operation share copy, then it is not available.

What you would need to do is list all files and directories in a share and then copy them one by one. Please see Copy Files section here:

Another thing you could do is use AzCopy utility to copy an entire share to another within same storage account or across storage accounts. Here's the command you would use:

AzCopy /Source: /Dest: /SourceKey:key1 /DestKey:key2 /S

Migrate to Azure file shares, You can use the azcopy copy command to download files, directories, and file shares to your local computer. This section contains the following� Lemington provides expert Microsoft Azure consulting services. Microsoft Partner. Virtual servers, networks, storage, databases, Active, Directory, security.

Another option is to use the Azure Storage Data Movement Library for .NET. This is the library that underlies AzCopy.

Take a look at the announcement here:

There's also a helpful sample application here:

If you're not familiar with AzCopy, see here:

Transfer data with AzCopy and file storage, A share snapshot is a read-only version of an Azure Files share that's taken at Azure Files provides the capability to take share snapshots of file shares. You can't copy a whole share snapshot to another storage account. Can Azure Storage File Shares be copied? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Active 3 days ago. Viewed 528 times 1. We're using Azure file shares as data

As of Dec 2019 following command worked for me

azcopy copy 'https://<source-storage-account-name><file-share-name>/<file-path>?<SAS-token>' 'https://<destination-storage-account-name><file-share-name>/<file-path>?<SAS-token>'


Overview of share snapshots for Azure Files, A while ago, I wrote about how to copy data from one Azure storage account in one In this way, you can sync between Azure File Shares or Blob Storage. By using SMB, you can mount an Azure file share directly on Windows, Linux, or macOS, either on-premises or in cloud VMs, without writing any code or attaching any special drivers to the file system. You also can cache Azure file shares on on-premises file servers by using Azure File Sync for quick access, close to where the data is used.

How To Sync Between Azure Blob Storage and Between Azure File , Download Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer from here if you don't have it yet, we will use it to create the Shared Access Signature (SAS) tokens. You can also� You can use AzCopy to copy files to other storage accounts. The copy operation is synchronous so when the command returns, that indicates that all files have been copied. AzCopy uses server-to-server APIs, so data is copied directly between storage servers. These copy operations don't use the network bandwidth of your computer.

How To Copy Files From One Azure Storage Account To Another , AzCopy v10 is a command-line utility that you can use to copy data to and from containers and file shares in Azure Storage accounts. AzCopy V10 presents� In the Azure portal, open the storage account hosting the file share you want to back up. Once in the storage account, select the tile labeled File shares. You can also navigate to File shares via the table of contents for the storage account. In the file share listing, you should see all the file shares present in the storage account.

Azure/azure-storage-azcopy: The new Azure Storage data , Azure.Storage.Files.Shares 12.2.3. This client library enables working with the Microsoft Azure Storage File Shares service for storing binary and text data. This problem can occur if you are using Encrypting File System (EFS). BitLocker-encrypted files can be copied to Azure Files. However, Azure Files does not support NTFS EFS. Workaround. To copy a file over the network, you must first decrypt it. Use one of the following methods: Use the copy /d command. It allows the encrypted files to be saved

  • Where do you want to copy these shares?
  • To a new file share in the same storage account
  • Thanks for your help! I think I'm going to go with AzCopy as it seems the simplest solution. Is there a way of running AzCopy in an Automation job?
  • Please see Tamra's answer. I believe you can use Data Movement Library in an Automation job (though I haven't tried it myself).