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I've encountered a bug I can't seem to find any logic behind. I have this File object, which is created like this:

File file = new File("utilities/data/someTextFile.txt");

I then do file.exists(), and it returns false (!?). If the file is not found, I'm logging f.getAbsolutePath() to a file. When I look at the path, it seems OK. I can copy-paste the complete path into the "Run"-window in Windows and the file opens fine.

The file exists at all times and is not deleted nor changed during the running of my application. It is located at the local machine.

This only seems to occur in certain situations. I can reproduce the fault at any time, but I'm sure the path of the file object is not changed by the actions I make to reproduce the fault.

What can cause file.exists() to return false? Does this have something to do with permissions or file locks, etc.?

I am seeing the following situation on Windows 7:

file.exists() == false
file.getAbsoluteFile().exists() == true

The file in question is "var\log", the absolute path does refer to an existing file that is in a normal subdirectory (not a virtual store). This is seen from the IDE.

File.exists() returns false when file exists, Each of below solutions returns true if file exists; false otherwise when the file doesn't exist or the file's status is unknown. 1. Using File.exists(). The idea is to use� On trying to access the file, which exits, file_exists() returns false, no idea where I'm going wrong. Note: It is in local host, using Xampp. The result on execution:

It seems like there is a difference on how the path is specified in Java.

For example, if the file path is specified as file:/C:/DEV/test.txt then

File f = new File(filename);

will return false. The path might work in the explorer or in the browser, but it is a URL and not absolute file path.

But on the other hand if the file path is specified as C:/DEV/test.txt then

File f = new File(filename);

will return true because the path is not a URL, but it is a absolute path.

With Spring Framework that is exactly what ResourceUtils.getFile(filename) does - where name can be either a URL or the absolute file path.

How to check if a file exists in Java, File.exists() returns false, when the file is actually existing. Post by: Kumar Raja , Ranch Hand. Oct 03, 2013 10:55:03. Hello All, I'm stuck with a basic issue� It can also be a permission problem on one of the parent folders or the file itself. Try to open a session as the user running your webserver and cd into it. The folder must be accessible by this user and the file must be readable. If not, php will return that the file doesn't exist.

If the process does not have permissions to tell whether a file exists it will return false. It may be possible to open a file, but not tell by normal methods if it exists. returns false, when the file is actually existing , This method also returns false if path is null , an invalid path, or a zero-length string. If the caller does not have sufficient permissions to read the specified file, no� It's obeying the documentation: "The Exists method returns false if any error occurs while trying to determine if the specified file exists.

The above answers didn't help out in my case. As stated above, I had:

file.exists() => false
file.getAbsoluteFile().exists => true

The root cause for this was that the Windows 7 machine owner had modified the registry for CMD so that it would autorun a command to launch in a specific directory to work with Python. This modification crippled the Java 1.6 code which apparently uses CMD on Windows for certain file operations, such as exists(). Eliminating the autorun from the registry solved the issue.

File.Exists(String) Method (System.IO), The function returns true if the abstract file path exists or else returns false. Function signature: public boolean exists(). Syntax: file.exists(). Files.exists(): Returns true if the file exists; false if the file does not exist or its existence cannot be determined. That could possibly explain the difference between the two, perhaps the Files one is having troubles ascertaining the existence of the file.

Obviously there are a number of possible causes and the previous answers document them well, but here's how I solved this for in one particular case:

A student of mine had this problem and I nearly tore my hair out trying to figure it out. It turned out that the file didn't exist, even though it looked like it did. The problem was that Windows 7 was configured to "Hide file extensions for known file types." This means that if file appears to have the name "data.txt" its actual filename is "data.txt.txt".

Hope this helps others save themselves some hair.

File exists() method in Java with examples, (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7). file_exists — Checks whether a file or directory exists Note that realpath() will return false if the file doesn't exist. So if you're going to� File.Exists returns false if you do not have permission to access the folder or file referenced. It may be that you can see the file in the immediates window as an administrator, but when running in a different context you do not have permission.

file_exists - Manual, In this article, we will discuss how to check if a file exists in C#. This method also returns false if the path is null, an invalid path, or a IO;; Class Test {; public static void Main() {; string path = @ "c:\temp\MySample.txt";; if (! I then do file.exists(), and it returns false (!?). If the file is not found, I'm logging f.getAbsolutePath() to a file. When I look at the path, it seems OK. I can copy-paste the complete path into the "Run"-window in Windows and the file opens fine. The file exists at all times and is not deleted nor changed during the running of my application.

Check if a File Exists in C#, true if the file or directory is known to exist; otherwise, false. Exists() returns true it was true at one point during the call to File.Exists() . Since the file doesn't exist, it returns false. It's also worth mentioning that if the Files.exists(Path) _method encounters an _IOException , it'll return false , too. On the other hand, when the given file exists, it'll return _true _as expected:

Documentation for FileInfo.Exists and File.Exists is misleading , If you mean File.Exists[^] rather than File.exit (which I've never heard of) then the most likely reason is that the user under whom your� The method os.path.exists('file.txt') returns True if the file 'file.txt' exists, and False otherwise. To use it, import the os module first with import os. If you want to check if a file exists at a given path, use the standard path notation '/file/at/path/file.txt' as a prefix.

  • So, is it possible to read from the file even if exists() returns false?
  • yes, I can read from the file even if exists() returns false.
  • What exactly is needed to reproduce the fault?
  • This is inside an application which calls functions written in matlab and compiled into the java application. It seems like matlab functions which changes the "current directory" is causing the problem to appear. I am using the absolute path when creating the file object, so this shouldn't be a problem - however it seems to be. I have of course verified the absolute path of the file object, and it is correct (the same as it was before the matlab function changed the current directory).
  • Are you by any chance working against a remote directory (e.g. an NFS mount)?
  • I just figured it out:;:YfiG?bug_id=4483097 Apparently, the operations running on file are resolved against the current directory, while getAbsolutePath resolves against user.dir. If these two paths do not match, you get conflicting results. Devilish!
  • I have the exact same problem I tried to use both methods to check if file exists, and still I get false on Windows 7 only! Any idea?
  • @Odelya: What IDE are you using? What is your -Duser.dir set to? My problem was caused by setting -Duser.dir to a different directory than the current working one.
  • For anyone who is working on a Dynamic Web Project, using file.exists() will throw an exception, use file.getAbsoluteFile().exists() to check for files in the WEB-INF directory (general tip, not Windows 7 specific).
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  • I wouldn't expect file:/C:/DEV/test.txt to work as a pathname. It's a URL not a pathname. While some people make this mistake, there is no evidence that the OP has ...
  • Interesting. Can you expand on this? Which specific permissions do you have in mind?
  • Here can be java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException blocking ability to reach out file/dir existence. For instance, if you keep dir opened in FAR or other file explorer, then delete dir with all nested files and check existence of this dir, then you can get AccessDeniedException (extends IOException) for temporary file kept for you. In this case Files.exists returns false for IOException.
  • 3.5 years later, and I ran into the same issue. I had an autorun script set up to configure environment variables each time I launched It didn't even change the current directory -- just some doskey macros and some environment variables. I removed the autorun, and just manually ran the commands in the file, and suddenly File.exists() works correctly.