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What is the problem in this code? Why cannot I use "$" in fwrite function?

fwrite($dosya_index,"$al_".$bol_radiopart[1]." = $_POST['".$bol_radiopart[1]."'];");

This is because PHP variables are interpolated in strings enclosed with double quotes. This means that words starting with the $ sign in double quotes will be handled as variables, and if such variable exists, its value is replaced within the string. Escape the $ sign (\$) or use single quotes where interpolation is not applied.

PHP fwrite can not write to a txt file, You have to use the file handle resource in this case $fp , and not the name. So this: $name = $_POST['fname']; $fp = fopen("file.txt","w") or� Some people say that when writing to a socket not all of the bytes requested to be written may be written. You may have to call fwrite again to write bytes that were not written the first time. (At least this is how the write () system call in UNIX works.) This is helpful code (warning: not tested with multi-byte character sets)

I'm not 100% sure what you trying to achieve, but i guess you're trying to write some code into a file or something. If you wanna use $ and such you've to use ' instead of ", like this:

fwrite($dosya_index,'$al_' . $bol_radiopart[1] . ' = $_POST[' . $bol_radiopart[1] . '];');

PHP fwrite() Function, PHP fwrite() Function The function will stop at the end of the file (EOF) or when it reaches the specified Specifies the string to write to the open file constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. Hi all, I am trying to write a php file using fopen/fwrite. However, it is apparently being ignored. Not even getting any error messages. Right now, I've

See this example:

//$write is a handler for the fopen() method you can use any $var you want and encode info too before execute
      $write=fopen($filepath,"w") or die ('Something went wrong'); // "w" flag is for read and write mode, create file if doesn't exists and delete file content before write
      fwrite($write, $filecontent); //write all data saved in the string "$filecontent" into the file
      fclose($write); // close the file

read more at:

Tutorial on Using PHP Write to File: PHP fwrite Explained, Make PHP Write to File: Use of Fopen and Fwrite Functions permission issues, the code will close and show an error Cannot open the file! Definition and Usage The fwrite () writes to an open file. The function will stop at the end of the file (EOF) or when it reaches the specified length, whichever comes first.

Writing to a File: fwrite, The fwrite function writes the contents of string to the file stream represented by handle. if (fwrite($handle, $text) == FALSE) { echo "Cannot write to text.txt. PHP fwrite() function is used to write strings of data into a file. If you run into troubles when trying to open files through PHP, check if the file access is granted to PHP. Open and Create Files: fopen() Look at the code example below. It shows how to use fopen() function to either make PHP create file or open an existing one. The result of the action depends on whether a file with such name is found.

fwrite(), Writing to a network stream may end before the whole string is written. Return value of fwrite() may be checked: <?php function fwrite_stream($fp, $string) { PHP provides a convenient way of working with files via its rich collection of built in functions. Most commonly used PHP file functions are File_exists, Fopen, Fwrite, Fclose, Fgets, Copy, Deleting, File_get_contents

Understanding PHP File System Functions, If the length argument is given, writing will stop after length bytes have been written or the end of string is reached, Return value of fwrite() may be checked: <?php function fwrite_stream($fp, $string) { echo "Cannot write to file ($ filename)"; reverse the dataset that you input that’s way easier? so you won’t have to? you could open the file -> write the line -> take the content of the file append the string in front of it but that’s costly operations I still cannot understand where the

  • If you want a literal $ then put it in single quotes, otherwise PHP will assume that you're trying to write a variable value
  • You need a handler like $write in the example