How can I 'clean up' a virtualenv?

If I want to keep my venv as clean as possible how can I clean up the stuff I don't need? Let me lay out an example...

Say I try a bunch of new modules...

pip install foo
pip install bar
pip install foobar
pip install foobarfoo

and these modules have some requirements of their own, etc. later I decide on which one I want to use, but then I have a huge list of stuff in my requirement.txt and I can't remember what I need and what I don't, what depends on what, etc.

How can I keep it clean and lean?

This answer may be just what you need.

You can install and use the pip-autoremove utility to remove a package plus unused dependencies.

# install pip-autoremove 
pip install pip-autoremove
# remove "somepackage" plus its dependencies: 
pip-autoremove somepackage -y

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To uninstall every package (including dependencies) you can freeze the requirements and then pass them to pip uninstall:

pip freeze > to-uninstall.txt
pip uninstall -r to-uninstall.txt

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pip uninstall followed by one or more package names will remove the packages from the virtual environment.

Python Documentation

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  • "later I decide on which one I want to use" - then create a new virtualenv and install just what you want
  • the whole point is I am not sure of what I need based on dependencies. Of course I could delete the whole thing, let my processes fail and install as I go, but I am looking for an easier way
  • Don't forget to remove pip-autoremove when done! :->
  • Why would I remove pip autoremove when I am done instead of just leaving it there for future use?
  • I wonder if pip uninstall wouldn't do... When I'm removing with pip-autoremove, there are some dependencies which pip-autoremove cannot deal with (it seems that the order of deleting is important) while pip uninstall works fine.
  • @fanny pip uninstall doesn't remove any dependencies at all.