How do I properly install expo-cli with yarn?

install yarn
npm install -g expo-cli error
uninstall expo-cli
downgrade expo-cli
expo command not found
expo yarn
this command requires expo cli.
expo-cli version

I'm trying to install expo-cli.

When I use npm install -g expo-cli, it installs with the below output.

When I try to run the expo command I get an error that the system cannot find the path specified. I then uninstalled with npm uninstall -g expo-cli

I uninstalled node and npm and cleaned up my system, then I tried installing expo-cli with yarn global add expo-cli. It installed with the following output.

After this, expo init command worked. But when I run expo start in a project folder I get the below output.

I don't know what else to do. I'm on Windows 10.

For Yarn:

If you want to save expo-cli package globally then try

yarn global add expo-cli

and if you want expo-cli to be available in the folder in which you are currently working then use

yarn add expo-cli

For npm:

npm install expo-cli --global


npm install expo-cli

How do I properly install expo-cli with yarn?, My first time using react-native, I had trouble installing expo-cli. When I tried to download it using npm, I got tons of errors and the advice I got on� npm install -g expo-cli --yarn: Use Yarn to install dependencies. The default when Yarn is installed.--name [name] The name of your app visible on the home screen.

There's a similar issue reported here. You can try adding expo to your local project to see if that helps.


yarn add expo

How to install expo-cli using yarn | by Rose Wanjohi, If Yarn properly installed then lets install Expo else Google the error. EXPO. This is an Installation of the Expo Command Line (CLI) utility Run npm install -g expo-cli (or yarn global add expo-cli) to get it. If you haven't created an Expo account before, you'll be asked to create one when running the build command. Windows users must have WSL enabled. You can follow the installation guide here.

You want to save expo-cli package globally then try

yarn add global expo-cli

How to install Node.js + Npm/Yarn + Expo and build you react native , Description When expo-cli is installed via yarn global add expo-cli, it spews lots of warnings on the screen with any other yarn global add . Yes, I know I have to update expo cli, but the problem is that I do not get it, I tried with npm install -g expo-cli, yarn global add expo-cli @ latest and with several more commands, I have deleted the cli and I have reinstalled, I spent a day searching the web, expo forum and stackoverflow but I can not find the way to update the expo cli to the.

Expo CLI appears to reinstall with every `yarn global add , How do I properly install expo-cli with yarn? I'm trying to install expo-cli. When I use npm install -g expo-cli, it installs with the below output. When I try to run the� To install Expo CLI, just run npm install -g expo-cli (or yarn global add expo-cli, whichever you prefer). Create a new app with expo init or use it in place of exp/XDE/CRNA in your existing app with expo start. Upgrading existing CRNA projects

This command requires Expo CLI - react-native - html, This page will help you install and build your first React Native app. Now that you have successfully run the app, let's modify it. Expo CLI allows you to run your React Native app on a physical device without setting up a If you use the Yarn package manager, you can use yarn instead of npx when running React Native� C:\Users\antan\AppData\Roaming pm-cache\_logs\2018-10-03T08_55_20_933Z-debug.log Complete log: 0 info it worked if it ends with ok 1 verbose cli [ 'C:\\Program Files\ odejs\ ode.exe', 1 verbose cli 'C:\\Program Files\ odejs\ ode_modules\ pm\\bin\ pm-cli.js', 1 verbose cli 'install', 1 verbose cli '-g', 1 verbose cli 'expo-cli' ] 2 info

Getting Started � React Native, Did you mean Properties? yarn add --save-exact � yarn add global � yarn add install all packages in package,json � yarn change version � yarn dev� sudo apt update && sudo apt install --no-install-recommends yarn Note : Due to the use of nodejs instead of node name in some distros, yarn might complain about node not being installed. A workaround for this is to add an alias in your .bashrc file, like so: alias node=nodejs .

  • How did you install yarn?
  • And did you reinstall Node and NPM?
  • Sorry I'm replying this late. I was on the move yesterday and I didn't even get a notification on my SO android app.
  • I have reinstalled Node and NPM
  • I installed yarn using chocolatey
  • this adds it as a local dep