How to force a rotating name with python's TimedRotatingFileHandler?

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I am trying to use TimedRotatingFileHandler to keep daily logs in separate log files. The rotation works perfectly as intended, but what I don't like how it does is the naming of the files.

If I set a log file as my_log_file.log, this will be the "today's" log file, and when it changes day at midnight it will be renamed to my_log_file.log.2014-07-08 with no .log extension at the end, and a new my_log_file.log will be created for the new day.

What I would like to get is the old file being renamed to my_log_file.2014-07-08.log or even my_log_file-2014-07-08.log, mainly with the .log at the end, not in the middle. Also, I would like to have the "today's" log file being already named with the today's date, just as the old ones.

Is there any way to do so?

I found that I can personalize the suffix with:

handler.suffix = "%Y-%m-%d"

But I do not get the way to remove the inner .log part and to force the current log file to have the suffix added.

15.9. logging.handlers — Logging handlers — Python 2.7.18 , The RotatingFileHandler class, located in the logging.handlers module, supports For example, with a backupCount of 5 and a base file name of app.log , you� Python Programming Server Side Programming Given a user input list and given the rotation number. Our task is to rotate the list from the given rotation number.

How to fake and rotate User Agents using Python 3, To rotate user agents in Python here is what you need to do. Collect a list of User- Agent strings of some recent real browsers. Put them in a� message=RotateMe ("how2code") print message. The function RotateMe accepts three arguments. text is the string of characters. mode determines the direction of the rotate. 0 for right and 1 for left. If you don’t specify a value it defaults to 0. steps determines the number of characters to rotate.

I used solution with Python 3.7 and it is a great solution.

But for 'midnight' when parameter and for when parameter starting with 'W' it did not work since the atTime parameter was introduced and used in the TimedRotatingFileHandler class.

To make use of this solution use the following __init__ line:

def __init__(self, filename, when='h', interval=1, backupCount=0,
             encoding=None, delay=False, utc=False, atTime=None, postfix = ".log"):

Also add the following to the content of the __init__ declarations:

self.postfix = postfix

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Python: How to Create Rotating Logs, You can use the maxBytes parameter to tell it when to rotate the log. but instead of appending integers to the log file name, it will append a� So, for a file name Service that you supply in the handler, logging does not go to e.g. Service.log but today to Service.2014-08-18.log and tomorrow Service.2014-08-19.log. Another solution is to open the files in a (append) mode instead of w to allow parallel writes.

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15.6. logging — Logging facility for Python — Python v3.1.5 , The logging module supports a hierarchy of loggers with different names. BaseRotatingHandler is the base class for handlers that rotate log files at a certain� A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions.

  • I have used this solution as a good one, and It seemed to work exactly as I wanted, until it came the time I use it as it should finally work. When I start the python myself and let it run over midnight, the file swaped correctly, and a new one appeared. But what I really need is a python started by a crontab, and several other pythons started by this first python, and when I do not start the python myself, only the first file is created, at midnight it just stops writing log. Any idea about why does this happen? Maybe something about linux file privileges?
  • Your class didn't work for me without adding first a call to the base constructor on the first line of __init: super().__init__(filename=filename, when=when, interval=interval, backupCount=backupCount, encoding=encoding, delay=delay, utc=utc)
  • I already thought about this option, but I hoped there should be an easiest way to do it. If I have no better reply in a couple of weeks I will set this one as the accepted answer, however I will not use it.