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  1. MainActivity has a Recyclerview with a list of items.
  2. OnClick on one of the items UpdateActivity is started where the item can be changed
  3. When navigating via clicking BackButton I would like to only update this particular single RecyclerViewItem

What is the cleanest way to achieve this? Where should I update the item? If I use intents in the overridden BackButton action and start the MainActivity from there, the RecyclerView is empty and I would need to load all items again.

I could pass all the loaded items to the UpdateActivity with the position information and update the item in the UpdateActivity but I would like to avoid passing all the data to this activity if there is a cleaner way to solve this in MainActivity.

Then Start the update activity by expecting a result using startActivityForResult() and while pressing the backbutton finish the UpdateActivity and send a intent. Then onreceiving the intent in the MainActivity try to use adapter.notifyItemInserted() method of RecyclerView adapter and update it.

Try using this method

adapter.notifyItemInserted(); //in case of addition
adapter.notifyItemChanged(position); // in case of any updation

Back button and refreshing previous activity, One option would be to use the onResume of your first activity. Now in your FirstActivity class write following code for onActivityResult() method and in there include code to refresh your array adapter, this is done by using for that i refresh database and set it to adapter(for recyclerview)[I wish you will� Pass the new item back to MainActivity, then deal with it yourself. 1.In MainActivity, use startActivityForResult to start the second Activity, like this: startActivityForResult(new Intent(this, SecondActivity.class), REQUEST_CODE); REQUEST_CODE is an int.

As per my point of views

# You can hold the clicked item position once it is clicked in Mainactivity(list activity), and in onStart/onRestart if that position variable is not null/0 just reload that particular item.


# you can pass back the position or item unique id with onActivityResult method from update activity.

How to refresh datalist onResume method with FastAdapter , About this issue I am using ModelAbsract Adapter. when I get back from another Activity, onResume method must fire ItemModelAdapter with onResume method with FastAdapter constructor when back button is addAdapter(1, footerAdapter); recyclerView. itemAdapter.add(ITEMS); Good luck! Trying to figure out what is the issue with updating RecyclerView's Adapter.. After I get a new List of products, I tried to: Update the ArrayList from the fragment where recyclerView is created, set new data to adapter, then call adapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); it did not work.

I believe you would be passing your current clicked item's data to UpdateActivity, so after update is done, you can send that updated data back to MainActivity.

And then you can just replace that data in your list and call notifyItemChanged for your adapter.

More info

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One way is to store your datalist and clicked position somewhere.After you return to the activity, update your recyclerview with the changed data using notifyItemChange(pos,payload)

Migrate to the Navigation component, Settings � Updates See how. In this example a callback is passed to respond to an item clicked // in a RecyclerView Args that generates simple object and builder classes for type-safe access The NavController also handles opening and closing the DrawerLayout and handling Up and Back button� How to add new item in recyclerview and Update entire List :- In this video we will understand how to add new item in the already created recyclerview list using notifyItemInserted() and also we

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Preventing recyclerview from reloading after returning back from , how to update refresh specific item in recyclerview best way to update recyclerview data One of them contains Recyclerview which loads data from firebase and on to another activity(say Activity2) using intents and passes some data with it. After click back button, back the previous activity without refresh or reload. The pattern that we need to use is to alter the underlying list in some way (in this case we add or remove String objects from the items list). Then we call notifyDataSetChanged() which informs the RecyclerView that something has changed and it updates the list. If we don’t call this then the update is not shown.

How can I update the item of recyclerview when I come back to list in , When I click an item in the list, this opens new Activity with all details of that item. the icon by clicking on it to change to gold and update the value of interest field to 1. Only when I close the app completely and re-open again, the changes are shown correctly. Update recyclerview adapter onResume from Different Activity . Call dispatchUpdatesTo(RecyclerView.Adapter) to dispatch the updated list. DiffResult object that is returned from diff calculation, dispatches the changes to the Adapter, and adapter will be notified about the change.

  • The problem with this is that I load a lot of data into the list and before the user switiches to the UpdateActivity, he sees a full list. When resuming he would suddendly see an empty list that gradually fills up again. My vision is to have the single item updated before the user sees the MainActivity again.
  • See the above explanation in the Answer.
  • Thanks will try that out, sounds straightforward