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Iam not getting slick carousel with updated data when i update this ng-repeat data of slider from my controller.

<slick lazyLoad=ondemand init-onload=true slides-to-show=5 slides-to-scroll=1 next-arrow=".rightOne" prev-arrow=".leftOne" data="trailersUpcomming">
  <div index="$index " ng-repeat="trailer in trailersUpcomming ">
      <div class=" boxhover testimonialslider" style="margin-right: 12px; ">
          <div class="card " style="border-color: green; ">
              <div style="padding: 17px;text-align: left;height: 124px;background-color: #ffffff;">
                  <div>ReleaseDate : {{trailer.releasedate}}</div>
                  <div>Language : {{trailer.filmlanguage}}</div>
                  <div>Rating : {{trailer.filmrating}}</div>

Try to update your array scope by using angular.copy

for reference please refer this example angular slick update example

bug(carousel): carousel fails to update model changes � Issue #488 , Only changes to model are not reflected in the order of the slides. On start the slides are in order (though the data is setup not in order proving the orderBy works) but once you change the indexes using the [Carousel] wrong slide order with ng-repeat usage #2355 Reload to refresh your session. I have a problem where the ng-repeat aren't updating the list when the array change. I'm using a JavaScript promise to compute a calculation to then return an object containing 2 arrays. These arrays is then to be shown on the view on the below code snippet.

The place there you are updating your data just use

 //update your variable here.

How to update slick when ng-repeat collection object changes , devmark is there another way to update carousel elements without setting� Iam integrating the Api, where iam facing an issue , the table is not refreshing when the data is created or updated, unless until hard refresh or browser refresh, i tried the change detector also …

I had faced similar issue. Using angular's old version i.e. 1.4 and using slider carousel. On refresh/page reload carousel was not getting refreshed with latest data.

$('.slider').slick('reinit'); or $('.slider').slick('refresh'); 
did not work me so I had to play with data coming from server into angular client.

Did fix that with no so great solution but it worked for me. What I observed is that, the array which is used to iterate and display elements in it on the carousel do not work if its reference changes on page reload. If you directly do not assign data array to the target array whose elements are being shown on Carousel then it works.

For that, I am using array's Push() method

for (let i=0; i < data.length ; i++) {
   var id = vm.targetArray.length + 1;
   if ( vm.targetArray.filter(item=> == data[i].name).length == 0){
      console.log("Pushed the item to targetArray : " + data[i].name);

AngularJS ng-repeat not refreshing on array update, These arrays is then to be shown on the view on the below code snippet. <button class="btn" data-toggle=� You can use cache-view to keep the scope for that state in cache, this’ll only work if the data on the page is the same. e.g. you have an option of a or b on page 1 this takes you to page 2 with a’s data or with b’s data - this is when you can’t use cache view.

ui.bootstrap.carousel, This setting expects an angular expression instead of a literal string. used both to generate alerts from static and dynamic model data (using the ng-repeat directive). setDate ), you must update the model value by breaking the reference by <i ng-show="loadingLocations" class="glyphicon glyphicon- refresh"></i> <div� I am using simple array of numbers like below with ng-repeat: n = [1,2,3,4,5,6] The issue is, when I change this array for eg: n=[1,2,3] It doesn't fully reload the DOM but instead it just remove the last 3 div elements related to array 4, 5, 6. Is there any way to force the ng-repeat to reload DOM everytime I change the array.

angular-ui-bootstrap * * Version , angular.module('ui.bootstrap.carousel', []) .controller('CarouselController', ['$ scope', '$interval', indexOfSlide(nextSlide); //Decide direction if it's not given if ( direction <div ng-controller="CarouselDemoCtrl"> <carousel> <slide ng-repeat ="slide in forEach(formatCodeToRegex, function(data, code) { var index = format. I have some strange issue. I use an carousel from bootstrap ui in a modal box from bootstrap. At the beginning is init the images for the carousel. Then i click on a button to show the modal box. This time they appear correctly. But then i reinit the carouseldata (Switch to other data) and open the carousel again and then he is empty.

Ionic (angularjs) ion-slide-box with ng-repeat not updating, Ionic (angularjs) ion-slide-box with ng-repeat not updating - angularjs. promise. then(function(data) { $scope.files = data; }); When getFiles() is called (which fires a service that is not shown here), How do I refresh the DOM?? So either I figure out how to keep this updated, or find a better image slider/carousel to use. I have a rather complex carousel that is generated from a template with ng-repeat, using data supplied by an ajax call. The data gets periodically updated every minute. This works fine for a while, but eventually the browser slows to a crawl and stops responding to user input. I have created a plunker demonstrating the issue here. The refresh

  • Can you please check for any console errors?