Insert value checkbox in database. Unchecked=0 checked=1

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how to get checked and unchecked checkbox value in laravel
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I'm trying to get a value of a checkbox in the database. If the box is checked, the value is 1 If the box is unchecked, the value is 0.

In my index page my table looks like:

<td style="width: 100px" class="auto-style1"><input type="checkbox" name="ele3" id="rallydag" 

And in my page, what will put it in my database, i have:

$ele3 = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_REQUEST['ele3']);

So i have for every day in the week a different checkbox, people can tell us if they can come that day.

Now every post in my database returns at "1". What do i wrong? I searched a lot, but all doesn't work.

If you must use a checkbox then

<form action="action.php" method="post">
<input type="checkbox" name="ele3" value="1" id="rallydag">
<input type="submit" name="save" value="Save to database">

then in your action.php

$checkbox_value = !empty($_POST['ele3'])?$_POST['ele3']:0;//if value is empty, set to zero, checkbox not checked
//code to insert to database here

And by the way...avoid using mysqli_connect() .. just adopt PDO::

If checked value 1 else 0 - PHP, If the checkbox is checked I want to insert 1 else 0. if you want to store the values in a database, and you control the front-end of the form just so on for each field, if the check box was not checked than it will not return 1 so then just cycle� You would need to manually convert back the checked/unchecked state of the checkbox to a 0 or 1 for the Oracle DB, as the checkbox can keep only a true/false value by itself. If you bind the grid to an SqlDataSource, on Update and Insert, manually set the UpdateParameter for the field in question.

Try like Below Code:

    $ele3[] = $_POST['ele3'];
    $count = count($ele3);
    for($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++){
        if($ele3[$i] == "" && empty($ele3[$i])){
            echo "<script>alert('0')</script>";
            echo "<script>alert('1')</script>";
<form method="post">
        <tr><td style="width: 100px" class="auto-style1"><input type="checkbox" name="ele3[]" id="rallydag"> Day</td></tr>
        <tr><td><input type="submit" name="get_checkbox_value" value="submit"></td></tr>

How to pass Checkbox value 0 if not checked and 1 if checked using , Add a hidden input that has the same name as the checkbox with the value of 0 BEFORE the checkbox. If the checkbox is unchecked, the hidden� Find answers to Checkbox with c#, to set a bit value of 1 or 0 on SQL from the expert community at Experts Exchange

Check input set with isset function.

$ele3 = isset($_POST['ele3']) ? $_POST['ele3'] : 0;

checkbox = checked then enter = 1 otherwise value insert = 0, checkbox = checked then enter = 1 otherwise value insert = 0 My database field : 'free'=>'tinyint' bydefalult = 0 i am insert the data the checkbox is not checked then enter bydefault = 0 but if i check the checkbox its also� Basically, a bit value is either 0 (True) or 1 (False). It would be ideal if the datatype for the field that stores the CheckBox values in the database to be of type bit. A condition for a checkbox is true if it is checked, and false if it is not. So, it only makes sense to store this type of a result in a database as such.

HTML: You don't need to give value for the check box

<td style="width: 100px" class="auto-style1"><input type="checkbox" name="ele3" id="rallydag"></td>

in php :

$CheckBoxValue = 0;
if(isset($_POST['ele3'])) $CheckBoxValue = 1; // well be true if the checkbox is checked
//your insert code using $CheckBoxValue

Get checked Checkboxes value with PHP, For access, the multiple checked checkboxes value in PHP need to define checkbox Configuration; Insert and Display checked values from Database; Conclusion. 1. Read $_POST checked values. HTML. While creating multiple 0 ){ mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO languages(language) VALUES('". Hi Brown, Yes, the check box value comes as null. I verified by using message as well as debug and iam getting null value for the checkbox. The Channel is a non database block, which has 2 items=> 1. Channel Name 2. Checkbox I have a master database block which has all field say item name, description, promotion code, date etc. My requirement is..

HTML Code:

<input type="checkbox" name="ele3" id="rallydag" onclick="setValue(event)">

JS Code:

function setValue(event){

PHP Code:

$ele3 = $_POST['ele3'];

Checkbox checked insert or update to database(mySQL , After that insert or update to database,in the database will only 1 and 0 represent checked and unchecked. Hide Copy Code. <input type="� Private Sub button3_Click(sender As Object, _ e As System.EventArgs) Handles button3.Click ' Insert code to save a file. listBox1.Items.Clear() For Each index in checkedListBox1.CheckedIndices.Cast(Of Integer).ToArray() checkedListBox1.SetItemChecked(index, False) Next button3.Enabled = False End Sub End Class End Namespace 'WindowsApplication1

Insert Multiple Checkbox Value in Database Using PHP, In this article we will see how to insert multiple checkbox values in one column in a MySQL Database. 4. Add a new “Non-database” item as the last navigable item in the EMPLOYEES block and set the following properties of the item: a. NAME: SELECTED b. Item Type: Check Box c. Value when Checked: 1 d. Value when Unchecked: 0 e. Check Box Mapping of Other Values: Not Allowed f.

php, The checkbox name was active and I checked that the value was set and the checkbox was on as this I wrote the values 1 for active 0 for non active to the db . 'silverpop_opt_in' we use this as control for opt in. If the field is True , the user is added to the newsletter. If it is False, the user will be opted our from the newsletter (e.g. usage boolean field checkbox checked=1, unchecked=0) [hplocher] - interpret xml response of silverpop [hplocher] - refactor test to create pretty xml output [hplocher]

How to check and uncheck a checkbox with jQuery, Example form. Our example form looks like this: <input type="checkbox" name=" foo" value="bar"� In line 37 we have the page to which the variables are sent and in line 38 the variable itself (in this case by using checkboxes, which means checked=1 unchecked=0). They called the variable agree. So the value for the checked checkbox called 'agree' will be 1. In the next step we use this data in Ketarin.

  • try something like isset( $_REQUEST['ele3']) ? 1 : 0
  • I have removed the value in the index. Replaced the real-_escape with your isset. But it's still 1. Checked or unchecked
  • Are you talking about updating existing records here? If so, have you checked whether your update statement actually succeeded or not? If it didn’t, you might simply still be looking at "old" data that just did not actually get updated as you expected.
  • Thank you, my value stays 1. checked or unchecked.
  • I have changed the form action and it workd. Doesn't it work with ajax? i have replaced: <form name="profoverzicht" method="post" action="" onSubmit="'rallysend.php','rallysend','content');return false;"> in: <form action="rallysend.php" method="post">
  • it does.. for AJAX just give the form an id and use serialize() to get everything your php remains
  • Haha, sorry, I'm a noob with Ajax/Php. I use the 1st option. I will look how i come back to my page. Thanks allot, it worked!!!
  • Yes! I made a new page, with the code listed above. And it works. Now i have to get it in a database.