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I'm not able to use gotoxy() function in Visual Studio 2010. Is there any alternative for that?

Are you talking about command line applications or windows applications? You must remember that VC2008 is a windows specific development environment, so if you were learning programming on a linux/unix or an older dos system then things will not be the same.

The only way I know of under windows to change the position of the cursor in a console application is to use the windows function SetConsoleCursorPositon.

I hope this helps you!

gotoxy() function is not working in Visual Studio, Are you talking about command line applications or windows applications? You must remember that VC2008 is a windows specific� gotoxy () is not available through Visual Studio IDE. You would need to use the Turbo / Borland C compiler / IDE to get this function. Since this simply positions the console cursor at a desired (X,Y) location,a similar functionality can be achieved through Visual Studio using the SetConsoleCursorPosition () API from Windows.h. 1.6K views

gotoxy() is not part of standard C++ but is was part of <conio.h> which is a non-standard header and shipped with the runtime library.

If the latest runtime doesn't support this function (unlikely, they are usually backwardly compatible) you can link your code against an older version of the runtime library, with the appropriate headers.

My guess is that the function has not been dropped so I question why you think you can't use it.

alternative to gotoxy(); ? - MSDN, However this isnt working in visual c++ 2008. in a console application is to use the windows function SetConsoleCursorPositon. int main() I just took a semester course on c++. We learned about a command called gotoxy(x,y); that would point whatever you were doing to a certain coor on the screen. However this isnt working in visual c++ 2008. What else can i do to get the same effect? Thanks

Try using SetConsoleCursorPositon function

What is the alternative for gotoxy function in visual C++?, With Windows console applications use the SetConsoleCursorPosition function[^ ]. With DOS applications use ANSI escape code - Wikipedia[^]. Work Issues; Design and Architecture in visual studio i cant find gotoxy function. Posted 13-Aug as this library and this function is NOT standard and not

gotoxy(); is include in <conio.h> but only in OLD(REALLY OLD) such as "Turbo C"....if you are using "Microsoft Visual", use thi

void gotoxy(int x, int y)
    COORD c = { x, y };  
    SetConsoleCursorPosition(  GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE) , c);

and use #include<windows.h>

and don't forget to mention the prototype declaration...

Hope this helps...Cheers!!

Using gotoxy() in Dev-C++, Because gotoxy() is a Turbo-C++ specific function, which means it is not part of the standard. gotoxy() is a standard C function defined in <conio.h>, but it will not work in ANSI NET 2.0 to Work With Visual Studio 2012 C# ProjectsIn " Programming" please help gotoxy is not working on dev c++ based on the size of the screen. But today's standard C++ compiler such as Visual Studio, GCC and clang to not provide gotoxy function. However, if you are developing console applications without a third party graphic library then gotoxy function is useful to manage text alignment on the screen.

gotoxy(), clrscr(), getch() and getche() functions , gotoxy(), clrscr(), getche() and getch() in GCC Linux – Function definitions, calling not require [return] key after input. getch() is declared in conio.h header file. Please, please, please… (I am really begging here) :) Stop teaching Turbo C, Borland C++ et al. They are prehistoric, obsolete, primitive C and C++ compilers and IDEs.

What function we can use instead of gotoxy (), I am using visual studio and its not supporti g gotoxy () fuction so Function gotoxy() isn't neither C++ nor C standard. still i have used void and windows.h also but still it is showing that "expected-unqualified id before goto. Identify which function prototype exhibits the following: Name of the function is sample_cal; GROUP FUNCTIONS (AGGREGATION FUNCTIONS) In which object does Microsoft Visual C++ place its SQL? Which function call does invoke the following function prototype? float sub1(int a, float b) How do I know when my thread pool work item has completed?

Gotoxy(x,y) In Visual Studio 2010, gotoxy(x,y) in visual Studio 2010: I just upgraded my disosaur Visual Studio 6 to 2010 and am having problems with 06, int main()� Now, the code won't compile, because downer does not return anything. So, change return type to void. And parameter of this function is pointless, removed it from function definition and the call. (In future, you may need char* parameter, to pass a string without specification of its length; usually, in C and C++, null-terminated string is used.)