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Hi I have several project codes, which I need do de-code the first three letters e.f. FIT385950 should be: 385950..

My issue is that the numbers are not always the same lenght..

FIT484 FIT4503032 etc.

How Can I do this?

May try use LEFT() and LEN() functions


Excel LEFT function with formula examples, Extract all but first/last n characters from string with Kutools for Excel More than 20 text features: Extract Number from Text String; Extract or Remove Part Split Tools: Split Data into Multiple Sheets Based on Value; One Workbook to Multiple Excel, 3. Click Ok or Apply, the first n characters are remove from each string. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

We can try using the MID() function here. Assuming your data be in cell A1:

=MID(A1, 4, LEN(A1) - 3)

If you want to target only strings which begin with the prefix FIT, then use IF():

=IF(MID(A1, 1, 3)="FIT", MID(A1, 4, LEN(A1) - 3), "")

How to extract all but first/last character from string in Excel?, Quickly remove special characters(numeric/alpha) from cells in Excel Select the range you want to extract first 3 characters firstly, and click Kutools > Text Tools > Remove by position. Click here for more on Remove by Position. Return number of characters after specific characters I have an excel file with a list of URLs in column A, in column B I would like all numbers after the characters "shop/" and before character "-" it is not always the same number, see sample

Another option to extract number in find with prefix "FIT" only and without IF() :


How to extract first/last n characters from string in Excel?, RIGHT() returns the last X characters of a certain string, based on a number of then I need to remove first three characters from the result leaving only digit 4 in� which return the three *numbers* as text if you need the three numbers to still be numbers use: =--LEFT (A4,3)

Removing the first X number of characters from a string in Excel and , LEFT: Returns the specified number of characters from the start of a text string. The LEFT function will extract the first 3 digits but will be displayed as text (left� It’s only in cases where the codes could have a variable length that you will need a formula that searches for the position of the last number or first letter of the code. The MAX solution will only work correctly if all of the numbers 0-9 can be found in the target, so it might not actually be the best approach in a situation like this.

Make LEFT Function recognize a number in Excel, LEFT: Returns the first character(s) in a text string based on the number of characters image 3. To extract the last name from the cell, enter the formula in cell:-. This method will introduce the CONCATENATE function to merge only the initial letter of the first name and the last name such as AGreen representing Anne Green in Excel. 1 . Select a blank cell you will place the concatenation result in, and enter the formula =CONCATENATE(LEFT(A2,1),B2) (A2 is the cell with the first name, and B2 is the cell with the last name) into it, and press the Enter key.

Extracting Characters from Text Using Text Formulas, Have you ever wanted to create a new column on a spreadsheet with part of LEFT lets you specify the number of characters you want from the the LEFT function to get the first 5 digits of the Zip+4 from column A. 33760-2707, =LEFT( A2,5), =RIGHT(A2,4). 3. 72764-6482, =LEFT(A3,5), =RIGHT(A3,4). 4. As long as a number does appear in the original text, that position will be returned. If original text doesn't contain any numbers, a "bogus" position equal to the length of the original text + 1 will be returned. With this bogus position, the LEFT formula above will still return the text and RIGHT formula will return an empty string.

  • Apart from formulas you can use text to columns with fixed bounds and skip first column when pasting results
  • This works, but it made me realize a new issue. I also have 'GIT-projects' which im not interested in. Can I make it "FIND" "FIT" only, and then return?
  • @Aabo of course, try =IF(LEFT(A2,3)="FIT", RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-3),"")