How do I place a widget in the center of the screen while ignoring column?

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There is a widget (for example text). In the real example it comes after another widget in Column. How to put it in the center of the screen? As I understand it, the Column does not. How can this be done? Or are there other ways to specify the location of items?

Column takes all the available space of the parent and by default aligns the items to start

You can change fix this changes the MainAxisAlignment to center.

child: Column(
  children: <Widget>[

or changing parents height and move it to the center (be careful if you add many items it will cause overflow)

child: Center(
  child: Container(
    height: 25,
    child: Column(
      children: <Widget>[

How to place the widget in the center of the screen, ignoring the , Widget Center. But look to what he will be for the whole of the screen. If you get that Container shrunk to the size of the descendant, then option 2: 1) to Occupy� Widgets are moved by setting the alignment with Alignment, which has static properties like topCenter, bottomRight, and so on. Or you can take full control and set Alignment(1.0, -1.0), which takes x,y values ranging from 1.0 to -1.0, with (0,0) being the center of the screen.

Using Stack widget you can do it:

var textEmpty = Text("Some Text");

Stack(children: <Widget>[
          Column(children: <Widget>[
              ,margin: EdgeInsets.only(top: 100.0)
              ,child:  Center(child: textEmpty, ),)],),

Use Center Wigdet instead of Container. Hope this helps!

Practical Flutter: Improve your Mobile Development with Google’s , Like the Center widget, Align is generally used when you have only one child, and it The obvious difference is that its children are laid outgoing down the screen. The Container widget is, along with Row and Column (and ignoring the � The screen forces the Center to be exactly the same size of the screen. So the Center fills the screen. The Center tells the red Container it can be any size it wants, but not bigger than the screen.

No worries where it comes from. It depends on the view where you have added it.

If you want to show in the center then just use Center widget

If you want to use Container widget then, you have to add the width and height both to double.infinite

If you want to use it in the same widget then you can use the Stack widget as well.

It totally depends on the requirement of the view and in which way you are tried to implement it.

Text in a Column ignores its textAlign attribute � Issue #4566 � flutter , I'm creating a column with text like so: new Column( mainAxisAlignment: It's easier to understand what's going on if you put the text in a container with a to remove all the built in padding around every widget, when is TextAlign not ignored, Changing the mainAxisSize doesn't centre the widgets in a real flutter project. Usually the mail widgets also want to refresh themselves even if the user set period has not yet passed. E.g. if I set mail refresh for every 4 hours to happen daily between 9AM - 9PM, it might do so twice in hour only if I change / go to a home screen where an e-mail widget exists. The annoying thing here is just that when browsing my phone

Align (Flutter Widget of the Week), The Align widget lets you place a widget in a defined area of its parent widget. You can also Duration: 1:23 Posted: Feb 5, 2019 Long-press the widget and drag it to a Home screen panel. Position the widget on the Home screen, dragging it left or right to another page if necessary. Release your finger to plop down the widget. (Optional) Resize the widget by dragging one of its edges in or out.

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Understanding constraints, When someone learning Flutter asks you why some widget with width:100 isn't the default answer is to tell them to put that widget inside of a Center , right? if a composed widget contains a column with some padding, and wants to lay out its to also assume the size of the screen, thus ignoring its constraints parameter. How to put fake 'widgets' on your iOS home screen. iOS lacks the ability to display widgets on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad but creative developers have discovered a workaround.

  • what exactly are you trying to achieve? maybe there is some better way
  • For example, now I need this: First widget (at the top left) Second widget (at the center of screen) Third widget (at the bottom center) How to do This?
  • You can check the docs to see how Column works. In this case if you want to align three Widgets in column this way you just need MainAxisAlignment.spaceBetween, . The other solution is to Wrap the middle widget with Expanded
  • If I use stack, I think, it will be more difficult to put new widgets after this centered widget. Or no?
  • if more than one widget then you have to manage according to that. Stack is pretty easy way to do that. we just need to calculate proportional height & width.
  • I know this is a little silly question, but how to put Widgets in a stack without losing positionality? (Sorry for my English)
  • @ИванПетрухин plz check this
  • I can not yet :\ Sorry, one more question: For example, now I need this: First widget (at the top left) Second widget (at the center of screen) Third widget (at the bottom center) How to do This?