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Getting below strange error in Jenkins pipeline

[Pipeline] withDockerContainer
acp-ci-ubuntu-test does not seem to be running inside a container
$ docker run -t -d -u 1002:1006 -u ubuntu --net=host -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /home/ubuntu/.docker:/home/ubuntu/.docker -w /home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra -v /home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra:/home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra:rw,z -v /home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra@tmp:/home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra@tmp:rw,z -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** -e ******** cat
$ docker top 83d04d0a3a3f9785bdde3932f55dee36c079147eb655c1ee9d14f5b542f8fb44 -eo pid,comm
[Pipeline] {
[Pipeline] sh
process apparently never started in /home/ubuntu/workspace/CD-acp-cassandra@tmp/durable-70b242d1
(running Jenkins temporarily with -Dorg.jenkinsci.plugins.durabletask.BourneShellScript.LAUNCH_DIAGNOSTICS=true might make the problem clearer)
[Pipeline] }
$ docker stop --time=1 83d04d0a3a3f9785bdde3932f55dee36c079147eb655c1ee9d14f5b542f8fb44
$ docker rm -f 83d04d0a3a3f9785bdde3932f55dee36c079147eb655c1ee9d14f5b542f8fb44
[Pipeline] // withDockerContainer

Corresponding stage in Jenkins pipeline is

    stage("Build docker containers & coreupdate packages") {
        agent {
            docker {
                image ""
                label "acp-ci-ubuntu"
                args "-u ubuntu --net=host -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v $HOME/.docker:/home/ubuntu/.docker"
          steps {
              script {
                 try {
                    sh "export CI_BUILD_NUMBER=${currentBuild.number}; cd docker; ./; cd ../test; ./;"
                 } catch (err) {

What could be the reasons why process is not getting started within the docker container? Any pointers on how to debug further is also helpful.

The issue is caused by some breaking changes introduced in the Jenkins durable-task plugin v1.31.

Source: and

Solution: Upgrading the Jenkins durable-task plugin to v1.33 resolved the issue for us.

Pipeline: Basic Steps, Read more about how to integrate steps into your Pipeline in the Steps section of the step([$class: 'GitHubIssueNotifier']) : Create GitHub issue on failure. I have a jenkins master on linux, a slave agent on windows 10. On the slave there is docker desktop installed. I can run commands under this docker from windows command line, for example:

Pipeline Steps Reference, You can use the error step from the pipeline DSL to fail the current build. on Jenkins in /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/workspace/ErrorHandling [Pipeline]� Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

If you have upgraded the durable-task plugin to 1.33 or later and it still won't work, check if there's an empty environment variable configured in your pipeline or stored in the Jenkins configuration (dashed):

Failing a build in Jenkinsfile, I don't want to throw an error code unless that can somehow translate into it being marked a successful build. share. catchError: Catch error and set build result to failure If the body throws an exception, mark the build as a failure, but nonetheless continue to execute the Pipeline from the statement following the catchError step.

Cleanest way to prematurely exit a Jenkins Pipeline job as a success?, The declarative Jenkins Pipeline allows us to define timeout either at the If an error is caught, the overall build result will be set to this value. Jenkins Pipeline (or simply "Pipeline" with a capital "P") is a suite of plugins which supports implementing and integrating continuous delivery pipelines into Jenkins. A continuous delivery (CD) pipeline is an automated expression of your process for getting software from version control right through to your users and customers.

How to time out Jenkins Pipeline stage and keep the pipeline running?, C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\app>del "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\ : script returned exit code 123 Finished:� So something in Jenkins must force the command to stop. How can I avoid this and make Jenkins handle the command like it would be run from the Terminal. Attachments

jenkins pipeline script deploy error, Please look at the stage('aanmelder-python3') where catchError(buildResult: ' SUCCESS', stageResult: 'FAILURE') is used. pipeline { agent any� Recent in Jenkins. Failed to stop container 'd537cf8e22697f866e146d6d899e008e5a2aff80089923e9a77ed5b5f7da7d56' for node 'Kubectl-image-0000ew8kc42qk' due to exception

  • Had been facing the same issue with Inject SSH keys option configured to connect to the containers under Manage Jenkins > Configure System. Jenkins could connect to the Docker host and spawn a container but then couldn’t connect to the container. Surprisingly enough, this has been working in another older Jenkins instance. We updated the Dockerfile to create a user with the same username as the Docker host and copy the SSH keys in the ~/.ssh directory of the container. Then switched to the other option that says Connect with SSH or something similar to make it work.
  • I am not using key forwarding. It is working on one slave, but on other slave, it always fails with this error.
  • This looks similar…
  • Solved for me…
  • Also, I would check to make sure the images is actually starting. I had that error when I was trying to run a x64 on armhf, the container actually never started and jenkins could not connect to the container to run the command.
  • i solve the issue, my docker daemon was set with userns-remap option. I disable it to get it work.