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How can I set the location (as it's picked up in CoreLocation services) in the iPhone Simulator?

Set the location in iPhone Simulator, In order to test your Locatapp code, you must manually set the location you want to use in iOS Simulator. There are two steps to this: setting your device(s) and  Setting location in the simulator: Once you have your app running in the simulator, navigate to Debug→Location in the menu. Apple gives you 4 default locations/routes all in and around Cupertino in addition to Custom Location… where you can To get the latitude and longitude from google maps

  1. Run project in iPhone Simulator
  2. Create in TextEdit file following file, call it MyOffice for example. Make extension as .gpx

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <gpx version="1.0" creator="MyName"> <wpt lat="53.936166" lon="27.565370"> <name>MyOffice</name> </wpt> </gpx>

  3. Select in Xcode at the Simulate area Add GPX File to Project...

  4. Add created file from menu to project.
  5. Now you can see your location in Simulate area:

How to Set the Location for iOS Simulator in Your Swift App, Location simulation in xcode As you can see in the image below, the Allow location simulation checkbox should be enabled. Put a breakpoint in your app delegate iOS and tvOS developer, dreamer, photographer 🤨. To set your iOS Simulator location, follow these steps.(Note that these steps also include information about how to check if this setting has already been done.): To check to see if you have devices that are already configured for iOS Simulator, click the pop‐up menu at the left of In Xcode,

In my delegate callback, I check to see if I'm running in a simulator (#if TARGET_ IPHONE_SIMULATOR) and if so, I supply my own, pre-looked-up, Lat/Long. To my knowledge, there's no other way.

Location simulation in xcode - Abhimuralidharan, While writing this instruction I was guided by iOS master Andrii Rogulin. To change the current location of your iOS device which is shown on maps do following actions How to Send Push Notifications to the iOS Simulator. Figure 1-6 The Apple website running in Safari in Simulator Use Maps to Simulate Location Awareness. Simulator provides tools to assist you in debugging your apps. One of the many features you can debug in Simulator is location awareness within your app. Set a location by choosing Debug > Location > location of choice. The menu has items to simulate a static location or following a route.

in iOS Simulator menu, go to Debug -> Location -> Custom Location. There you can set the latitude and longitude and test the app accordingly. This works with mapkit and also with CLLocationManager.

Tutorial how to simulate location on the iOS device., Simulator. To set a custom location in the Simulator you will need to start up the simulator. Once it is started, click on the Debug item  Tap Allow to let the app use Location Services information as needed. Tap Don't Allow to prevent access. 2; Tap Ask Next Time to choose Always While Using App, Allow Once, or Don't Allow. iOS devices might use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to determine your location. GPS and cellular location are available on iPhone and iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) models.

Pre iOS 5 you could do it in code:

I use this snippet just before the @implementation of the class where I need my fake heading and location data.

@interface MyHeading : CLHeading
    -(CLLocationDirection) magneticHeading;
    -(CLLocationDirection) trueHeading;

@implementation MyHeading
    -(CLLocationDirection) magneticHeading { return 90; }
    -(CLLocationDirection) trueHeading { return 91; }

@implementation CLLocationManager (TemporaryLocationFix)
- (void)locationFix {
    CLLocation *location = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:55.932 longitude:12.321];
    [[self delegate] locationManager:self didUpdateToLocation:location fromLocation:nil];

    id heading  = [[MyHeading alloc] init];
    [[self delegate] locationManager:self didUpdateHeading: heading];

-(void)startUpdatingHeading {
    [self performSelector:@selector(locationFix) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.1];

- (void)startUpdatingLocation {
    [self performSelector:@selector(locationFix) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.1];

After iOS 5 simply include a GPX file in your project like this to have the location updated continuously Hillerød.gpx:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<gpx version="1.1" creator="Xcode"> 
    <wpt lat="55.93619760" lon="12.29131930"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93625770" lon="12.29108330"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93631780" lon="12.29078290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93642600" lon="12.29041810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93653420" lon="12.28998890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93660630" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93670240" lon="12.28936670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93677450" lon="12.28921650"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93709900" lon="12.28945250"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93747160" lon="12.28949540"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93770000" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93785620" lon="12.28977440"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93809660" lon="12.28988170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93832490" lon="12.28994600"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93845710" lon="12.28996750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93856530" lon="12.29007480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93872150" lon="12.29013910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93886570" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93898590" lon="12.28955980"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93910610" lon="12.28919500"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93861330" lon="12.28883020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93845710" lon="12.28868000"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93827680" lon="12.28850840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93809660" lon="12.28842250"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93796440" lon="12.28831520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93780810" lon="12.28810070"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93755570" lon="12.28790760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93739950" lon="12.28775730"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93726730" lon="12.28767150"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93707500" lon="12.28760710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93690670" lon="12.28734970"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93675050" lon="12.28726380"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93649810" lon="12.28713510"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93625770" lon="12.28687760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93596930" lon="12.28679180"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93587310" lon="12.28719940"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93575290" lon="12.28752130"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93564480" lon="12.28797190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93554860" lon="12.28833670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93550050" lon="12.28868000"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93535630" lon="12.28900190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93515200" lon="12.28936670"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93505580" lon="12.28958120"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93481550" lon="12.29001040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93468320" lon="12.29033230"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93452700" lon="12.29063270"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93438280" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93425050" lon="12.29121200"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93413040" lon="12.29140520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93401020" lon="12.29168410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93389000" lon="12.29189870"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93372170" lon="12.29239220"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93385390" lon="12.29258530"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93409430" lon="12.29295010"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93421450" lon="12.29320760"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93433470" lon="12.29333630"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93445490" lon="12.29350800"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93463520" lon="12.29374400"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93479140" lon="12.29410880"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93491160" lon="12.29419460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93515200" lon="12.29458090"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93545250" lon="12.29494570"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93571690" lon="12.29505300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93593320" lon="12.29513880"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93617360" lon="12.29522460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93622170" lon="12.29537480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93713510" lon="12.29505300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93776000" lon="12.29378700"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93904600" lon="12.29531040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94004350" lon="12.29552500"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94023570" lon="12.29561090"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94019970" lon="12.29591130"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29629750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29670520"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94017560" lon="12.29713430"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94019970" lon="12.29754200"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94024780" lon="12.29816430"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94051210" lon="12.29842180"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94084860" lon="12.29820720"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94105290" lon="12.29799270"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94123320" lon="12.29777810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94140140" lon="12.29749910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94142550" lon="12.29726310"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94147350" lon="12.29687690"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94155760" lon="12.29619020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94161770" lon="12.29576110"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94148550" lon="12.29531040"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94093270" lon="12.29522460"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94041600" lon="12.29518170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94056020" lon="12.29398010"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94024780" lon="12.29352950"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94001940" lon="12.29335780"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93992330" lon="12.29325050"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93969490" lon="12.29299300"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93952670" lon="12.29277840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93928630" lon="12.29260680"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93915410" lon="12.29232780"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93928630" lon="12.29202740"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93933440" lon="12.29174850"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93947860" lon="12.29116910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.93965890" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94001940" lon="12.29061120"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94041600" lon="12.29084730"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94076450" lon="12.29101890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94080060" lon="12.29065410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94086060" lon="12.29031080"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94092070" lon="12.28990310"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94099280" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94119710" lon="12.28986020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94134130" lon="12.28998890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94147350" lon="12.29007480"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94166580" lon="12.29003190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94176190" lon="12.28938810"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94183400" lon="12.28893750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94194220" lon="12.28850840"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94199030" lon="12.28835820"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94215850" lon="12.28859420"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94250700" lon="12.28883020"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94267520" lon="12.28893750"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.28902330"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94304770" lon="12.28915210"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94325200" lon="12.28925940"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94348030" lon="12.28953830"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94366060" lon="12.28966710"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94388890" lon="12.28975290"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94399700" lon="12.28994600"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94379280" lon="12.29065410"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94364860" lon="12.29095450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94350440" lon="12.29127640"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94340820" lon="12.29155540"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94331210" lon="12.29198450"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94315590" lon="12.29269260"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94310780" lon="12.29318610"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94301170" lon="12.29361530"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94292760" lon="12.29408740"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94290350" lon="12.29436630"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94287950" lon="12.29453800"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94283140" lon="12.29533190"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94274730" lon="12.29606150"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94278340" lon="12.29621170"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94280740" lon="12.29649060"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.29679100"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94284350" lon="12.29734890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94308380" lon="12.29837890"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94315590" lon="12.29852910"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94263920" lon="12.29906550"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94237480" lon="12.29910850"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94220660" lon="12.29915140"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94208640" lon="12.29902260"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94196620" lon="12.29887240"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94176190" lon="12.29794970"></wpt>
    <wpt lat="55.94156970" lon="12.29760640"></wpt>

I use to create the base file for the gpx data. A bit of cleanup is required though.

Activate by running the simulator and choosing your file


Simulate custom location iOS simulator(Simulator, GPX), This is a simple CLI for easily setting the location of the currently running iOS Simulator. Usage. Set a specific latitude and longitude: $ set-simulator-location -c​  From the Scheme menu, choose edit scheme. In the Run Scheme, and the Info tab, for the "Launch" setting choose : "Wait for to launch". Run your app once in the simulator, so that it starts monitoring for location updates, then force quit it, so that it is suspended.

lyft/set-simulator-location: CLI for setting location in the iOS , Can you set the location through's Debug -> Location menu? I have tried running on the iPhone 7 iOS 10 simulator, iPhone 6s iOS 9.3 simulator​  After successfully connecting your iPhone to iTools on computer, you will see the below interface: Click “Toolbox” on the menu bar, you will see the “virtual location” button on the interface: Step2: Click “Virtual location” button. Enter a location on the text frame, click “move here” and you will be located to that location.

Can't change simulated location in…, Location Simulation not working in Xcode 10 and iOS 12. I am developing an app that uses GPS. In the simulator I always used the location simulation feature of  Another easy way to spoof your iPhone location is to install a program on your computer called iTools from ThinkSky. It works on iOS 12 and older iPhone operating systems, runs through Windows and Mac, and is completely free for 24 hours. Install iTools on your computer and then open it, making sure your iPhone is connected via a USB cable.

Location Simulation not working in…, Location simulation is available for iOS and tvOS devices and simulators. You can change the device location while running or debugging your application or  The toolbar at the top of the simulator's window contains a number of useful buttons: Home – Simulates the home button on an iOS device. Lock – Locks the simulator (swipe to unlock). Screenshot – Saves a screenshot of the simulator (stored in Pictures\Xamarin\iOS Simulator\). Settings – Displays keyboard, location, and other settings.

  • I added a method for Xcode 6.…
  • Has anyone managed to get this to work in React native, simulator?
  • With iOS 13 beta 2, I could only see "None" and "Custom" options. Is any one else having this issue?
  • where is debug menu in IOS simulator?
  • this works but it's for the debug menu on the simulator not the one on xcode
  • For iOS simulator, it is now located under "Features"
  • TextEdit doesn't save file .gpx. How I do?
  • save it as .txt (or .xml) and then rename to .gpx
  • Thanks! Very easy, works great. In case anyone else uses this heres the sample GPX file in text so you can copy & paste it: <?xml version="1.0"?> <gpx version="1.0" creator="Name"> <wpt lat="" lon=""> <name>Office</name> </wpt> </gpx>
  • You saved my day "+1".
  • can we include time in this? I want to test startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges method